Day 2 of the Occupation

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, the first night is over and the morning has arrived. Last night was a long, cold one that was full of meetings and discussions. We have decided on different roles and jobs, which will switch daily. We also went through the list of demands and other plans for the campaign. The staff (particularly the security staff), have been incredibly supportive and helpful and we would like to thank them for all the support. Also, a thank you must go to the cleaning staff for letting us borrow the hover.

We’ve set up a twitter account:

There is also now an email: /

Or check out our Facebook group: Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts!

Today is a big day, the day that the vote/debate on tuition fee rises will happen in the House of Commons. So good luck to all those at the protests and we hope today goes well!

We’re in the Auditorium at the moment, so feel free to pay us a visit. We should be back in the South room by 2pm.

Keep your eyes on this page.

  1. Although, we value anyone with an opinion, we wish to point out certain areas where we as a group do not agree with you: A good portion of the people in the occupation actually sat their exams- combining a campaign with revision is their own personal choice, others who have deferred are doing so at a cost to themselves admittedly but with every intention of doing well in their first oppurtunities later, which received the support of the university, the tutors and the management. If you would take the time to kindly think about something before blindly commenting on something you don’t seem to understand, you would realise that Leeds Trinity University College is actually going to be one of the worst affected universities by these cuts. We as an occupational force would much rather struggle slightly and show the university and community that has supported us so much, they deserve our support. Though sitting and being a keyboard warrior is valid too, we would much prefer you to come down and see what we’re about, how our campaign works and we’ll show you our research and media archive we would happily enlighten you with the issues at hand and mould you into an informed individual. We could even do flash cards.

    • Emily says:

      Thats weird, cause my teachers told me. trinity was prepared for the cuts. I think its great people are doing a peaceful protest. But I dont think everyone does know the facts because everyones being told seperate stuff.

  2. Emily says:

    Also insulting people isnt quite the right way to go

    • Well, this campaign is here for a range of reasons from letting everyone know the hidden statistics not thought to be important by our governent, to bringing everyone together under a peaceful organisation. The institution is under high risk, with formal Union confirmation that the effects will completely be detrimental to the university, cutting 100% of it’s government funding due to Trinity not having any stem courses. We thank you for your support of peaceful protests, but we were by no means meant to sound insulting, but merely informed. If you are a current student I urge you to have a pop down and have a chat.

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