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As the occupation goes into the third day, the mood has lifted this morning (Mainly due to a first change of underwear since the occupation began and the delivery of hours of entertainment in the form of Futurama DVDs thanks to our supporters.) After a long day of petty banter from the House of Commons and the most disturbing news for students this year being announced, there was a meeting to decide what action would be taken. Initially the mood was down and people were shocked with a feeling of disappointment, especially those whose vote was obtained on false promises. After discussion however, the mood lifted and a new-found determination for the campaign was apparent straight away.

With this new-found enthusiasm the group has democratically decided to have a day of leafleting, outlining how this is by no means the end of the fight, despite the recent news and that we have to move forward and progressively develop the campaign as a community. Moving forward, the letter writing campaign is well under way with contributions from many members. Ranging from the hilarious witticisms of the group while staring a bleak future in the face, to some expressing sheer anger caused by broken promises and then many thanks, to journalists full of support and those MPs who kept their pledges.

There will be a press release coming from the community in the occupation today. There are a list of demands from the occupation, for the government, local councils and Institutions that provide Higher Education. As we begin to gain support from the university, the community, staff and students, the rebirth of determination has allowed these actions to gain strength, information and commitment.

Generally the mood is good; despite some late night interruptions from people we can only assume were sent by Cameron, Clegg or a brewery, the night was a much more peaceful one. After some rest, the energy levels are on the way back up and we are acclimating well. While people prepare for final exams, the year continues to be a positive one, in the face of discrimination, prejudice and ideological assault, everyone is much happier with coffee and tinned goods.


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