DAY 4 OF THE OCCUPATION: The sweet stench of small victories.

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Its day four and the general mood of the community has a determined aura to it, despite the group being spread out today- with several members attending a protest in Leeds. Nonetheless, the growing passion of the group against the cuts is in correlation with the stench filling the room- the stench of progression, one Nick Clegg will have long forgot. Now there’s increased activity in the letter campaign and the political humour of us all becoming dryer than a celibate’s… Mouth? Yes, mouth, because celibacy is thirsty work.

This is furthered by such recent updates as the Government’s climb-down on the banking levy (Link at bottom of page.) This cheeky little bill was passed through right under the countries noses, when we were all in a kerfuffle about this education lark, the government- the cheeky little minx, passed through a bill lowering the amount the banks will have to pay back to the tax payer after our generous bail out during the recession. Instead of the £3.5 billion the banks were supposed to pay back per annum, it has decreased by a billion to £2.5 billion. Despite this appearing  minimal you have to take in an account this was on the very same day the government tried to convince us that education cuts were a necessity and that there was no money elsewhere. Well, personally, we see some money right there- in fact; we see an approximate billion pounds sterling right there.

Yet, moving away from this and turning to the solidarity of us and other occupations- A word that makes like everyone here the physical personification of cool and making it completely acceptable to call people you’ve never met before ‘comrade.’  As we’ve received lots of support from other occupations, from Skype, Twitter and Facebook (Links below) it only seems fitting for solidarity reasons to give a commemorative shout out to those supporting the same cause elsewhere around the country: Goldsmith University Occupation, Manchester College Occupation, Newcastle University Occupation, Brighton University Occupation, University Central London Occupation, Bristol Occupation, Bath Occupation, York Occupation, London Met Occupation, University College London Occupation, Cardiff Occupation and any others currently going on. Solidarity…comrades (Damn, it sounds awesome.)

Finally, we have a press conference with Yorkshire Evening Post on Monday about the campaign and the occupation, we will keep you informed on the movement of this so keep following our blog posts.

Thank you for your continued support.


Also, big shout out to UCL occupation for this absolute gem of creativity, congratulations:

  1. Craig Humpagec says:

    I spent some of protest day with the Goldsmith guys, they are a great bunch! Let’s hope their fine institution won’t be allowed to suffer under the anti-progression of the con-dem regime!


    ps; Liverpool Occupation kindly allowed around 12 of us Leeds comrades to join them on the coach back, preventing us from being stranded in London! Lifesavers! This campaign really is giving out a sense of togetherness, with people from all over the country working together to try and maintain our education system!

    – Craig

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