5th day and people are going home! But more are coming in too!

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

As we enter the fifth day it is a happy and sad one. Adele is leaving us for home and Lizzie a frequent visitor and one nighter is going too! It will be weird not having them around as we are fast becoming a really dysfunctional family in here. Especially as we are going to be deprived of emo and chav wars from now on. So sad times there.

We have more people coming in today too, which is great and much support is being offered. There were visits from some of the demo hardcore last night, popping in to tell us what the London demo was actually like, instead of the rubbish on the news.

Last night we decided that people have some weird attitudes to tax evasion. Apparently the closure of Top Shop for one day is more important than Philip Green and his pals stealing £25bn per year. As having just the right slave labour created stripy top for that Xmas bash, so you can look just like all the other clones is what matters in this particular situation.

We are all preparing the room today as the press are coming tomorrow, which is all very exciting. Watch this space to purchase a copy and could someone be awesome and volunteer to bring us a copy of any coverage we announce? We will make you a cuppa.


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