Some facts for you …. (They are at the bottom.) =]

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Tuition fees have risen to potentially £9000 per year. This makes our education the second most expensive education system in the world. However, the regression in government funding, means that it is the second least progressive education system in the world. This is literally going to mean education costs more, for less and will gradually get worse. Even for the elitist idiots who are not clever enough to justify their parents paying for them.

As of 2.14pm the Daily Mail (hopefully no explanation required) poll for students found that 63% of people still supported students. And they are Daily Mail readers!!! Though if you want to vote, there are links to this on our Facebook page. We think it would be super if these reactionary propaganda merchants had to admit that we were right and they were evil.

The Teaching budget is still to be cut by 100% at Trinity and 80% overall for other institutions. There is a fight across all of the unions and several independent organisations (like ours), to stop this going through and ruining the future of our education system, just so rich people can feel secure in the divide between them and the poor. We are united in a fight against the worst cuts this generation has ever seen.

The day the tuition fees vote was taking up most of the vote, the cheeky monkeys at the government announced that actually, they were going to DECREASE the banking levy from £3.5bn to £2.5 bn. In a time where we are being told there is no money available, the banks are let off £1bn a year even though they caused this problem. They are barely repaying the massive debt that has been forced on us.

The cake from the wonderfully supportive family. Thank you.

It has been confirmed and if you don’t believe it come to the occupation and I will give you the proof, that Britain has £100bn per year in unpaid taxes. This is from tax evasion, tax avoidance, benefit fraud and the cuts to Inland Revenue. Now, the “deficit” that is apparently being caused by people wanting an education and to feed their kids and keep living in their house, could actually be covered by this £100bn and we would still have £17bn for warm cake and we all know warm cake makes the world goooooood!


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