Day 6 of the Occupation: Enthusiasm, Emphasis and… Noodles.

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

We’re tired; we’re all very tired. This doesn’t mean our enthusiasm has dampened, but the long nights spent on floors- carpeted with sandpaper are slowly showing our bodies why humans created beds. Although, this situation has improved as supportive staff members have dropped off airbeds. Nonetheless, we wake up bright and early every morning, have numerous coffees and press on with a hard day’s work, which today has contained a range of joyous, rage filled, passion pumped activities. Also, a thank you goes out to Tanis; the little revolutionary star, who has unfortunately left the occupation to go home for Christmas today, but did bring enough noodles to drown Nick Clegg. Not that anyone would waste such a glorious amount of noodles on that man.

Today has been full of press-related issues; first of all we noticed our first piece of publicity actually went out on Saturday 11th of December in the Yorkshire Evening Post, which gave a positive report of our peaceful occupation, stating how the timing could be important just as the Leeds University Occupation finished. As well as this the interview with Leeds Socialist Students is available on their blog (Link at bottom) and we’re enjoying decent media coverage, but always aiming to gain more.

Keeping up the media today we realised it was Save EMA day, where many Sixth form students decided to fight for their government funding. As well as being a lovely little rhyme it’s also a great moment for the student cause, clearly illustrating that this is not just university students being petty and wishing to express their angst at being poor, impoverished, truly needy, penniless, pauperized, beggared and ironically ‘bankrupt.’ Not that I wish to emphasise the state of many student finances already without these cuts and tuition fee rises.

Yorkshire Evening Post- 11-12-2010

Back on topic, we wish to show our solidarity towards those out on the streets today fighting for EMA and the ALG, which have helped so many- including your humble narrator here, into Higher Education. Solidarity… Comrades (If you haven’t read our “Day Four Of The Occupation” blog post, explaining how much we love the word solidarity and comrades, please do so now)

Finally, we’ve had more visitors today including Ryan and Iain from the Leeds University Occupation, both of which are offering their support. Iain himself has been at the protest in Bradford College today. As Occupations wind down for Christmas we still wish to show our support to all those who took part in the currently suspended Occupatiosn and wish them the best for their future campaigns.


Yorkshire Evening Post 11-12-2010


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