Tax that is not payed, could be funding your degree…

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

There are several ways in which to support the deficit which is not being properly discussed by this government. While they are showing signs of actually doing this, we are not convinced they are taking it seriously. Currently there is roughly £100bn per year in tax that is owed but not paid. This includes benefit fraud, tax avoidance, tax evasion and corporate deals. This amount and the billions not being talked about, which should be claimed and isn’t currently.

There are several ways this is achieved, some so scarily normal people don’t even seem to be ashamed of it. Paula Radcliffe MBE admitted she moved to Monaco to avoid paying tax. So, after winning the British hearts, being supported by the British people, then getting huge sponsorships from her British fame, she decided she would rather not put anything back. We would like to suggest she at least gives her MBE back, since she clearly doesn’t respect this honour or the people who achieved it for serving their country. Some other prominent famous figures who evade tax are Mick Jagger, Lewis Hamilton and Philip Green.

Philip Green is a special case, who is the boss of the Arcadia group that owns TopShop and many other high street stores and his wife the official owner of the group lives in Monaco. This means that they don’t pay tax on any of his earnings. Yet, he feels, while paying dividends of £1.2bn earnings, he pays zero tax on this, that it would be appropriate to advise the British Govt on how to spend tax payer’s money. This is not even close to moral. How can a tax dodger then decide how to spend hard working people’s contributions? Not to mention the fact that he also feels above contributing to the country that provides him with such a massive income.

There are a number of means to raise FAR more than the cuts that are being planned for this year. The cuts this year could easily be covered just by making these tax evaders and avoiders pay what they owe but, as we have come to expect after announcing they would be combating this on their coalition agreement, this has now been put “on a back burner”. Though student action does seem to have an effect and it has caused them to begin to rush plans to combat this shameful behaviour, though we will have to wait and see if any of that money reduces the harshest cuts since rationing. I won’t hold my breath….

  1. Danny says:

    Really glad people are making the links on this one!

    I’ve made a cheeky little video on this very topic that you might enjoy. It’s at – put together with the excellent help of film-makers Zoe Broughton and Pete Speller. It includes footage from the Oxford occupation, cute graphics of tropical fish, a slightly daft hat and a rhyme for “Guernsey”. Check it out! Dx

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