Day 7: After Waiting for the Lords

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Not a bad old argument but it was an old one. There were many good points and a good many of them seemed to actually have more of a point than Cameron or his little minion Clegg. There were much fairer and clearer points being made and even the Church of England served a purpose, which was nice for them. It fast became the same tired old arguments.

It is annoying that we were not given a year to oppose these drastic increases, which would certainly have given the movement time to organise and easily rival the poll tax “riots”. It is really not the end of the campaign though. As we keep mentioning, there are so many ways to force a bill to be overturned and there is still the white paper in March. We are currently getting estimates of 500,000 people going the 26.3.10 Demo from the TUC.

The Lords have done what they nearly always do, go in, argue a bit, try to sound valid and as if they have a purpose, fall asleep and then did what the commons did anyway, which is fine. We don’t mind. It doesn’t matter. There is nothing at all in this and to be honest, we have known it was coming for some time. We knew how tuition fees would go and we are not surprised. The real fight starts now. The biggest fight starts in January when we are all back together and we are all informed. Keep following us and the other student movements that are forming. We will win this together; it is just a case of getting informed and making the right decisions.


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