Day 7: Waiting for the Lords…

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

As we eagerly wait for a bunch of people who stereotype would tell us, think that young people don’t know they are born, don’t sit up straight, are so ruuuuude etc, decide our future as the last hope to get the rise in tuition fees overturned this time. This is not as doomed as it seems, the Lords are predominantly Labour peers following a 13 year Labour government. Though if they don’t then we will be pushing for the education bill to be overturned in March anyway.

Iain Dalton from Leeds Socialist Students and several other great organisations has been in to see us and offer some advice about moving the campaign forward. So, we have more plans and great ideas to keep the interest and motion we have been enjoying in the last few weeks. Also, he brought pizza, which is just awesome as we are missing hot food. It is kind of great returning to a time where hot food seems like something that is really wonderful. The smaller things matter when you are sleeping on the floor and don’t have an oven.

We lost three members of the Occupation today to Christmas. If only Santa were real, we could have added him to the Christmas tree of hate for stealing our friends, him and his bloody glow in the dark reindeer. As people are fading and the Occupation is growing to its suspension, it is easier to remember people who have made a difference than concentrate on how few there are left. This is not dampening spirits in any way. We are still planning, designing, blogging, tweeting, meeting and organising for the campaigns that are coming in the New Year.

Kieran, Rose and Rachael are already missed. Kieran and Rose have been in since the beginning and Rose has been to every march since the campaign began. It is not that long now until we are all going to be suspending for Christmas and will be seeing you all in one way or another in the New Year. They have all played a massive part in making this the success it has been and their energy and enthusiasm will leave a gap in our group that we are apparently filling by telling dirty jokes and making fun of each other. Solidarity is complicated.

We have had some great news over the last couple of days that will be made clear as we progress. There is some support coming and people have been dropping off more food and supplies, which is great. There is a shopping list going in and there have been some tutors coming and showing their support, which is always appreciated. It is just sad to see that so many good people have been so harshly affected by this government’s disgusting attempt at removing a deficit created by bankers and money chasing nihilists and is being placed on the shoulders of decent people like our tutors and support staff. After conversations like the ones we have had in the last few days, we are no longer taking apathy as anything other than abuse of the people that help students the most. So, no more apologising, no more excuses, if you don’t oppose these cuts, if you have a different view on the cause or the cuts, then maybe you should go and explain to the staff why you think they don’t deserve the chance to do the job they have trained so hard for and all love?


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