Day 8: Quit Undermining Egalitarian Education Fartface

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Such an amazing day! It became amazing when our campaign became international and we got a shout out on citizen radio. It’s no big deal you guys, they are only one of the best left wing alternative media shows in the world! They are only the most hilarious political comedians and commentators in the world you guys. Whatever, you know, the people who said this would come to nothing, they were just totally wrong, because now we’re famous.

Jamie is leaving us today. I can’t think there is a person in the world who responds better and with more grace and dignity, to having his bed deflated under him than Jamie. (You ask me- Jamie, to edit your blog and this is the only plug I get on the day I leave, tragic.)(Yeah, well maybe we don’t like being left, maybe feelings were hurt) The movement has grown into a frustratingly close family of dissenters- who sincerely loath each other’s narcissistic sarcasm, yet are somewhat addicted. We are starting to see some apathy from management and a strange lack of response to the demands; although we are encouraged by what is happening. Still, it will be sad to see Jamie leave, though only for a while.

There are more media people coming in to see us but at the minute, there seems to be a lot to concentrate on. Unions all over the country are beginning to stand up and get involved, not just the ones directly affected but all of them. Thankfully, the war chests are beginning to open, but moving on, we are looking beyond just what can be done as individuals in a single occupation. There are so many actions going on around the country and people are now looking to organise. With a lack of power coming from the top of the NUS, students are beginning to look either for a new leader or a new body. Given the amazing success of the actions that have taken place over the last few weeks, we think that this leadership should actually come in the form of a unified body of individuals- a coup d’état to turn a phrase that makes me feel important. Independent student bodies like ours are responsible for the success so far and it is a unified movement that will move everyone forward. There are plans for national meetings and regional meetings which Trinity will actually have a presence at; the students of Trinity are progressing.

There are letters going out to people who have been supporters and we are in talks with several people in a position to make positive changes for the campaign and the workers in the area. At a time where the north is being targeted by the savage council cuts this week, it is more important than ever to unite with your local council and all the outlying industry that is affected by these coalition cuts. So, while you are out there today, if you see a bin man, give ‘em a hug. Street cleaner, give ‘em a smile and any other council worker, make them a cup of tea, because they are being hit as hard as we are. Most importantly though, if you see a policeman, run like hell, he’s probably trying to kettle you. Unless he just lost his job, then give him a hug, a proper massive one..

There are also a PILE of protests coming up that we feel Trinity should be involved in. There is a movement of people arranging joint protests with the unions in the area and we feel that having this kind of recognition and making these kinds of statements with other organisations is the best way to show what an actual society looks like and that we will not be bullied by some rich idiot. We’re progressing, your move Cameron.


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