Marketisation of Higher Education

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

We are literally sat talking about how we are going to go on to do our jobs. There are a number of Psychology students in here at the minute and Psychology is as good an example as any. To do pretty much any job in psychology, you need at least a masters and often a PhD. The UCU released a paper that confirmed many peoples worst fears. Basically because of the governments cuts to higher education masters are going to cost about £13,000 per year from 2012 just so the courses can continue to break even. That is going to mean there are less courses being funded by the same money and probably in the not too distant future corporate funded degrees.

Corporate funded degrees are actually the biggest insult to academia the world has ever seen. If you have Prozac funding a Psychology degree, have a quick guess what their fix for everyone is going to be for depression? Then it is only a matter of time before they are treating everything with SSRI’s. This will apply right across the board. Imagine a degree in media designed by Murdoch, a GECapital medical degree or worse, a crap clothing design, that lasts two minutes and dodges tax by Topshop. This cannot be allowed to happen, if we are supposed to be free, then information should be passed on with no bias, so that each individual understands all the choices they have before moving forward with a moral position. If we allow corporations to make moral decisions for people, then we are going to be in a world where Coca Cola are allowed to kill entire Indian towns just to bottle fizzy pop …. oh wait. We will live in a world where Nestle can kill thousands of babies to save a few pounds, while discouraging breast feeding resulting in an international catastrophe, wait, wait, errrrrrm. We would live in a world where, well you get the point. This is nearly this world and it is going in entirely the wrong direction.

We should have our own choices for the sake of freedom. We are told that having this choice is what it is to be human, if that is the case, then are we supposed to think they do not want us to be human? Should we believe that the Tories think we are less than human and therefore deserve less choice? Are they really as blatant as that? We think so but don’t take our word for it, have a look through the Browne Review of Higher Education and draw your own conclusions. We think that actually, we should be able to do any degree we feel is right. If it doesn’t directly turn into a career, then it will undoubtedly allow each person to think better, be better in themselves, enjoy their life while experiencing education in anything. That is supposed to be the point but that has been sadly lacking of late. Freedom is something that is supposed to be granted automatically but this government seem to want to reduce our freedom while apparently promoting the power to choose over anything. It doesn’t even make sense, unless you realise that actually, it is a system designed to keep the rich, rich and no-one else matters.


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