Motivation? And the Last Leg…

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Ok so as of tomorrow morning the Leeds Trinity University College Occupation will be suspended for Christmas. However, we will be returning bright and early in January in order to push the campaign forward like a mule that has been worked to exhaustion and yet continues to struggle on under the idea that it is part of something greater.

We are going to try and keep the blogs running over Christmas even with our unwanted segregation of the family we now consider ourselves to be a part of, this will hopefully act as a way to keep everyone informed as to our plans in the New Year. We are anticipating not just the expansion of our own campaign to fight the oppression that is ‘Tory policy’ but the expansion and unification of once apathetic students to a fully functioning resistance. After all from the performance of many politicians over time and certainly of late we can safely say that our spine is of far more stability and our ideals of more substance than that of the greed filled petulant capitalists floating about the House of Commons and the Lords.

It would seem that gone are the days of fear inhibiting, concise and enigmatic persons in a position of power stuck to their promises no matter how evil, that’s right the demon heads master would have run the government more efficiently and wouldn’t have taken any guff over policies.

Fortunately this is not the case students are beginning their journey of empowerment and refuse to allow education and the attainment of knowledge to be sullied by those barely capable of maintaining a hairline without blaming someone else let alone instigating fair policies that would benefit our country without using the phrase “yah” “we’ll remember the mess the previous Government left us?’’

Well actually most people have seen the mess Governments get us in and that’s why we vote new ones in, so when you get elected have the chutzpah to take responsibility for sorting it out and not back peddling.

But instead to stop the country from drowning in the capitalist lake of individualism ‘Students’ yes those apathetic slackers that supposedly don’t understand or have any influence or ability to change this country have now stood up and we have said ‘you know what, we as a socially aware group will occupy every lecture theatre and classroom, march every day and every inch of Britain’s cities to show politicians  that we care about our lecturers and our education and not just our own but every single students in the country. Because of this as a community working together we say No to cuts, No to increased tuition fees and NO WE WONT SIT BACK TO LET YOU GET FAT OFF THE TEETE OF CAPITALISM!’’

We would more than anything like to see people stand up and start caring for each other and the first chance you have at this is to support any Occupation that instigates peaceful protest and get involved however possible.

We say No to the Tories so everyone can say yes to a better democratic Britain.

We will be back in January but keep reading and we will make every effort to keep you up to date with our plans.


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