Some thoughts from the Occupation

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, it seems like over the past day the blog seems to have slowed down just as much as our bodies have slowed, due to lack of will to function, and I can say honestly one of the biggest lessons learnt within this Occupation(aside from the politics and how much of #?@! Cameron and his minion Clegg are)? -The reason why human beings created beds, it will be this simple pleasure that will be most enjoyed over the Christmas period, along with other little home comforts such as warm food, lie-ins and a diet other than noodles, cups of tea, crisps and bread. However, our moods and spirits aren’t dampened and as the occupation is about to be suspended I must say that I’m honestly quite sad, we’ve become a little family in here and have learnt to function well as a unit and love each other for all our flaws and annoyances, all which seem to help us get through each day adding humour.

I’ve learnt a lot from being in here, about politics and the government, as well as other people and socialising with people I wouldn’t have otherwise and glad to say the experience has been a pleasant one. All in all I’m being a bit soppy in this blog, but I think I express an opinion shared by many that this Occupation has been a positive experience and despite set backs, we realise we can still make a difference and are all very passionate about doing so. We are students with a voice and we want to be heard, and with positive highlights such as receiving a massive shout out from Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein on Citizen Radio and the lovely family who brought us cake (warm as well, mmm) we realize we can make a difference if we work hard. So, though over the holiday period I will miss the jokes, the mocking, sarcasm and never ending tale of dirty jokes/ innuendos Jordi seems to generate, I look forward to January’s reunion where we will all feel refreshed, having enjoyed the home comforts of a real bed, warm food and other small things in life, we will then be more ready to fight back and work hard.

  1. kat says:

    you guys rock! I totally stand in solidity with what you are doing. Keep your chins up 🙂 sounds like most are looking forward to going home for the holidays but never forget what you are fighting for, and use this period of rest as a renewal to the commitment of your goals, and never loose sight of them!

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