The Point of Being a Student

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

We have been in Occupation for over a week now and frankly, if it wasn’t for abusing each other verbally and generally being horrible in a camaraderie way, we would have gone nuts by now. There is plenty of support in here and we are all actually in it together, not in a Tory way, in that we are all in it together. We are actually working together to get a result with a democracy in place and everything. If something is decided that needs doing, it gets done, so we are already better than Cameron and Clegg, though that wasn’t hard.

We are told of a student experience, which sounds great but what is the student experience? The stereotype seems to involve debt, tinned food, late essays, late night revision sessions, last minute work and vomit. Going out every night and generally being young and stupid. There are a few things wrong with this. Firstly, with student rent being cripplingly high, short of fermenting our own hooch, we are not likely to be able to get p*ss*d every night. Secondly, with an average of 6 modules per course, each with assessments and a need to work in many cases, we can’t afford to start and finish an essay early, so in your face!

What we can’t figure out is where this assumption that students are stupid came from. Don’t get us wrong, there are some student antics that can be put down as being pretty epically stupid but at the same time, they are usually carried out by people who are at least sleep deprived and probably on the verge of psychosis brought on by a stupid amount of pro plus and the pretentious need to play reggae and dubstep at 4 in the morning by your neighbour. The simple point behind all of this being, students are by nature above average in the intelligence scale and if we believe the rhetoric, which we invariably do, students are generally more determined to get ahead in life. So, nyyyeerrrr!

Student life is awesome but there is a point to it. The student experience is supposed to be a culmination of learning, how to think properly, like a grown-up who is independent and can cook beans without setting off a fire alarm. Not everyone gets there with all of these skills but everyone comes out of Unversity with at least some new personality traits, some funny stories and the ability to order a takeaway. Or at least the ability to disarm a fire alarm without it looking suspicious.

The point of the student experience is to have an experience to grow into a socially active, well rounded and informed thinker that can go on to oppose things like fascism and injustice etc. The point is not just to go to Halo and get pissed in a house of God, though we are by no means belittling this experience. It is all good. There is a wide range of things to be experienced while at University. It just seems to some of us, that a lot of the ethical and political information that used to be passed on has been replaced with soulless commercialism. If this is it, then we are all basically consumers and a stupid consumer is a good consumer. Being clever in an advertisement campaign is much pricier than being honest or decent. Then they might have to sell something good instead of selling something well.

University is one of the best experiences ever! There are a load of people around to annoy, make fun of, get along with, meet and generally experience. It is a place for diversity and understanding and general niceness and we like it. Even the hangovers and sick parts that are hilarious but not great the next day. We love it all and wouldn’t change it, so why let some upper class douches who got their education for free in one of the courses he has decided is of no value tell us what we can and can’t choose to do?

  1. Vanessa says:

    haha love it!
    Halo gets a mention in there too!

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