Moving Out and Moving Forward

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s the last day of our little family of dissenters and it is really quite sad. While most of us are pleased to be going home to a bed and shower and other luxuries like that, this is actually a pretty emotional day. Christmas will be great for those of us that celebrate it. It is really hard to explain how draining Occupation can be but we have all said that we have enjoyed it. Living with this many people non-stop for so many days has changed our views of each other and everyone else. People are talking more now about not wanting to go home than how much they are looking forward to actually going home.

Certain members of the group have already left and are talked about often, sometimes even fondly. Each person is a character that leaves a gap behind and each person’s determination is adopted by the remaining members. We literally are a miniature society. As the smell gradually gets worse in here, the tiredness has built up and it is time to go home, recharge and plan for the future. Trinity has a place in the argument now and there are national events coming up that a decent conscientious body of students should be playing a part in and will be.

So, now that all that mushy sentiment has been properly dealt with and we feel abandoned by people, which is great, cheers for that, we can move on. Packing to get out of this room for now is under way. The mood is that of waking up while not really knowing what is going on and wondering what that smell is and realising it is us and embarrassedly not mentioning it or staring each other in the eye for a while.

We are still waiting for some decisions from upstairs, which should be happening any minute now, though we are not holding our breath. There are still some decisions we are going to have to make, which are going to be made over dinner and something warm to eat provided by Sam. The future of the Occupation is already decided and we all feel great about it. This will all become apparent in the New Year but for now, we are all off to enjoy getting fat in the name of Christmas, seeing family and things.


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