Christmas Spirit? Take down Topshop

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

UKUncut are planning a massive day of action throughout the country against tax dodgers. As we have already mentioned in the blog, there is approximately £100,000,000,000 tax unclaimed every year yet apparently savagely slashing education by £7bn is vital to keep the sherry flowing at Westminster. This is incidentally only £1bn short of the amount Vodafone were let off by the government. So, what do you consider more important, education for all in a choice they consider valid or a phone company with crappy reception, worse customer service and the ability to annoy the crap out of people with their adverts? Vodafone are interesting though, they must have some sort of tax evasion infection as they certainly passed it on to Lewis Hamilton while they were sewing their name all over his little jumpsuit. Maybe its the kind of infection that can be passed on by a prick? Lewis Hamilton also hasn’t been paying his taxes of late as he has moved. Big surprise to a tax haven. We wish him well in his career, he is a great sportsman but maybe he should wear a pirate flag instead of a British one? Just a thought me hearties.

Arcadia and Topshop have long had a monopoly on the High Street owning, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Burton and many other high street names. The owner SIR Philip Green has most of this companies registered in his wife’s name however as she is a resident of Monaco and therefore no tax is paid on these chains. Despite thousands of working people spending a fortune in these countries in Britain, the amount put back into the country by these shops is pitiful. He actually banked a £1.2bn dividend from his company last year and paid no tax on it whatsoever because it is in his wife’s name. Yet he feels qualified not only to be knighted but to be on a panel that decides what tax payers money is spent on!!!!!!! Seriously, he is one a white cat, a swivel chair and an Dr Evil laugh away from being an evil mastermind.

There are a number of reasons to be proud to be British. We think one of these is our education system and another is our sportsmen and women. During this time we are seeing people like Paula Radcliffe avoiding tax after the massive support and love  they were given from the hard working British public. Paula Radcliffe received an MBE for her sporting career, for those of you that don’t know that means a Member of The British Empire. Yet she pays no tax whatsoever as she has moved to a tax haven. She doesn’t contribute at all to the hard working people who loved and supported her throughout her career. Tax is not just a pain that everyone has to suffer to be avoided at any cost. We shouldn’t be proud of someone for managing to beat the system, we should ask why they feel they can take so much out without ever intending to put something back. Tax is the payment we make to ensure our streets are clean, our hospitals work, our country runs and our children are educated. For too long the rich have found ways to avoid paying this while decent working people have no choice as they work for companies like Topshop who don’t give them a choice and that is disgusting. We are saying no to one rule for us and another for them!

So, go onto UKUncut’s website, see what is what and pop down and help these people realise that we as working people or as the workers of tomorrow are not happy with them deciding how our taxes are paid while contributing nothing to society to themselves. If it was a benefit cheat the papers would be the first to name, shame and otherwise attack them but because they are rich, they are seen as achieving something we are jealous of? No, this is not alright, they should contribute just like everyone else. Really they should contribute a lot more, since they have obviously profited from the tax payers already to gain their position. Yet time and again, society sends the message that rich people should avoid the taxes everyone else feels the pinch of every day.



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