A quick update before the fun starts again

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, what has been going on over Christmas then? Well, for starters while everyone was enjoying their lovely family time, the tories didn’t rest, not that we thought they would, just it adds to the image of them having some kind of underground lair, where they plot to kill Christmas. There have been some breaking issues over the holidays that relate to students and some which don’t but should interest us either way.

James Paice the agriculture minister who happens to part own a farm overturned a Labour initiative to reduce animal cruelty. This is done in the guise of increasing the profitability of farming, so that business will increase and the economy will be lifted. Fair enough, we want small businessmen to do well, we want British agriculture to do well. That just makes sense but let’s have a look at what this actually means shall we? Chickens are going to now face having their beaks sliced off to nothing. Why? So they can’t attack the chicken next to it which are so close it doesn’t have to move to attack it because they don’t move and actually, they don’t move so much, they CAN’T move. Also to suffer directly as a result of this disgusting little man, badgers, tigers, game birds, wild birds and several others. Merry Christmas.

The tories also stole books from underprivileged children. A scheme in place to make sure that free books were given to children from underprivileged backgrounds called Booktrust is to lose all of its £13m funding because of cuts. Yet we are expected to believe that they are focusing their attention on educating the young to ensure education is of a standard in Britain. They are literally taking books from poor children. There was some very clever back peddling on this, they actually didn’t promise anything though and the wording was spurious at best. They did not withdraw the removal of funding, just suggested that maybe, they would postpone it, sort it. So, yeah, Merry Christmas.

Unemployment is set to hit a 17 year high this year. Despite promises that they were going to actually reduce unemployment by encouraging the private sector, this is so far from happening its actually frightening. We are looking at a double dip recession, which means more people losing their private sector jobs and yet more government bail outs of banks. So, the 330,000 public sector workers who will be getting letters of redundancy, many of these actually over the Christmas holiday, can rest easy in the knowledge that they will be joined by millions of people from all walks of life. In case you were wondering as well, the tories were in charge 17 years ago as well. Though thankfully, not for very long after that. So, to the families of the several million already unemployed, the 330,000 public sector workers, the people affected by the last recession and the ones about to be affected by the next, Merry Christmas.

VAT goes has just gone up, which is just great. Everything is going to cost 2.5% more, this is going to mean, that out of the pot money everyone has less to spend, so they spend 2.5% less. There are two effects of this extra money going to the government, firstly the retail industry has a lot less in it, making the economy less stable and causing massive job loss in the private sector, it also means that the people who live to budget, the poorest people actually just have 2.5% less for things like food. So, the poor get poorer, people get sacked from their minimum wage retail jobs, go on job seekers, until that is scrapped later this year, which costs the government more, which increase the likelihood of a double dip recession, which causes more job loss and less money for the poor. Do you see a pattern forming here? Sorry, merry Christmas poor people.

Universities are facing the difficult choice of how to implement the cuts, bearing in mind, they are all losing money because of this. Student cuts groups are in place to make their universities do this in a responsible way and to make sure they renounce these cuts as ideological and unnecessary. If a university and its management fail to do this, then the students need to stand up and explain in every way they can, that this is not acceptable, that we will not allow that to happen and that they cannot expect us to believe as students they are teaching with integrity if they have none and show none. So, support your student cuts group, get involved, come to protests, put up the visual stuff, sign the petitions, do something. Say no to these cuts in every way you can.


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