Day 1 return of the Hardcore

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

A new year starts for the occupation and we move forward with some resistance from those in the comfy chairs upstairs, due to increased security on the universities behalf we have been unable to access our beloved AG21 and instead are occupying the dark dank corners of letter box offices (we mean this in the sense that a 5 year olds pet gerbil has more space to express itself in.)

even in a potential attempt to shove us to the back reaches of the university like the scholarship kid at Eaton, we have managed to increase our visibility in the media today with an interview on BBC Leeds (drive time) show. This will be up on their iplayer site in the next hour.

We will also be doing another piece for BBC Leeds morning show at 8am on the 5th Jan; the occupation is getting its legs again with the regulars coming back in dribs and drabs and the hardcore getting things up and running ready to move the campaign forward.

There have been issues to combat today as it seems the road ahead for the campaign is set to get a lot rockier but this if anything makes us more determined, we believe in what we are doing and are not about to pack in when things begin to get hard.

Our day started bright and early at around half past 8 when three of us set of to Horsforth town to collect much needed essentials, now on a vegan diet it means we popped in to our local health food shop. The staff are lovely and the food is soo good! We experienced vegan flapjacks that  would give a whole new meaning to the word WOW however, due to our match box base of operation it may be the case that we are going to to have meals prepared externally and brought to us by occupation members.


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