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Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are some posters being printed at the minute that are going to support the cause. We are asking that people who support the cause, put these posters up in their room window facing outwards to show solidarity and to show that we are not happy about the effects the cuts are going to have on our university and education in general. There are some details on the back of the websites to keep involved with. There are also going to be some flyers being distributed and some nights sorted in the SU and general awareness.

If you are a second year, then we would ask you to do the same with your poster at home. Since these are being funded by the SU, we would ask that since they are also facing cuts because of the disgusting tory campaign to destroy education, that you don’t take one unless you are going to put the poster up in your window. The idea is that we change the face of the campus and the student areas of Leeds. We will also be talking to LUAC and Leeds Met union about a similar project being put into action in all the universities of Leeds. If we can arrange for Leeds City College to do the same, then this will be ideal.

If you have not already got involved, come down and have a look at what we are doing. There will  be information tables where people can come and ask questions, offer support, get involved or pick up some information. There are several national poster campaigns being organised by the various unions now involved in the campaign and we will be talking to people or have already arranged for these to be delivered for rallies, demo’s and marches. The amount of people getting involved in this movement is growing literally every day. If you don’t feel that you know someone in the occupation or that you cant get involved for whatever reason, come and talk to someone. The cuts affect you directly, not just the university ones but the VAT increase, the NHS cuts, the education cuts, the housing costs, every single cut has some knock on effect that is taking money out of your pocket, unless you happen to be in the top 5% richest in Britain.

The university have been supportive so far but we need to actually hold everyone involved to account, this period is going to be remembered as one of morality of civil liberty and of social justice. If you are not involved, then you are undermining any right to complain you have in the future, if you do nothing now and these cuts are allowed to pass, the divide between rich and poor will get even bigger and we WILL go into another recession before recovering from the last one. Leeds Trinity University College will close before you get your degree and you will only have yourself to blame. We just want the opportunity to make sure we do everything we can to ensure that the people around us act in a manner that is suitable for educators and members of a community we can proud of.


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