Day 2: Radio Coverage and Flapjack Addiction

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, following an interview with a nice chap from BBC Radio Leeds, we all got settled in two of the most pointless rooms we could find. This was not actually by mistake in any way, we thought that what would make us really rock the civil disobedience angle we should live in a freezing room with no internet access. This is not as bad as it seems however as we have vegan flapjacks and with vegan flapjacks all things are possible.

As we are planning to move forward one of the things we have planned is opening up the university to a meeting for local businesses, community, parents and potential students. We want people to come along and discuss tactics for the campaign and national campaigns. It is more important than ever to stress that while universities like Trinity are facing massive cuts and education in general is being subjected to this violent assault, that people in the community work together to fight the cuts.

The meeting will be held on campus and will be chaired by members of the occupation but students are encouraged to come along and get involved in the planning of the campaign. If we can get the support of the community and everybody working together, the opposition to these cuts will be far harder to ignore for the elitist condem government.

Another interview with BBC Radio Leeds this morning went very well. The general discussion was about the point of the occupation and how we feel we are going to be making a difference. Special attention was paid to what we were actually opposing. With the Labour party supporting cuts and so many other industries facing slashes to their funding, it was suggested that the cuts were necessary. Andy Smith explained that actually, the fact that the three main parties all say that there is a need for cuts, in a time when there is £100bn tax avoidance a year, the majority of which from the rich and corporations, if that is what the three major parties are suggesting, then it is time to get three new parties. Labour have long since sold their heritage as a working man’s party and have since betrayed the middle class as well. They are not as savage as the Tory or Lib Dem government but would have eventually implemented the same cuts. This would mean continuing frightening figures like the top 1000 richest people in Britain seeing their wealth increase by a third while the poorer members of society work out which items are on the VAT list and which aren’t so they can continue to eat.

If you have any questions or want to show support for the occupation, come down and get involved.


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