Lights, camera… Action.

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Day 2 and we’ve all officially gone mental, (but still happy). We’ve all taken to being rather chipper, yet angry. There has been blow up beds on tables (used as a source of relaxation) far too many cups of coffee and endless vegan snacks.

Today we decided that we would try to step forward in creating a YouTube account in aid of getting our message across to more people and also to document what we’re doing and the action we’re taking to try and wipe that smug grin from Cameron’s red, sweaty face. So, we proceeded to visit the kind people in the media department and borrow a very classy video camera from them, which we shall be using officially as of tomorrow to show the world what we’re made of. (Mostly flapjack, probably)

We think this YouTube campaign will not only get LTSAC’s name out there a bit more, and Leeds Trinity noticed as being the awesome university that it is, but it also gives us a group another exciting element to what we’re doing and not only this, but it is teaching us all the art of film making. Score.

As well as this, to add a hilarious touch to the YouTubing, we are planning to make a reel of outtakes, probably mostly of Jordi being his general, silly, energetic self, which should be fun for everyone. You know you’re going to want to check it out.

Otherwise, all is going well. We’re still in this hamster dungeon of a room, but we’re hopefully going to be moving into somewhere with actual breathing space to live in once more of us are here in the days to come.

We are busy with planning, planning, planning and getting ourselves ready for the coming rallies and marches and just generally letting people know what we’re about.

At the moment there aren’t many people mooching around campus, but we’re still making ourselves known by putting our posters up and we will be flyering around Horsforth campus and letting everyone  knows that LTSAC are back and more bad-ass than ever.

Also as we have mentioned in previous blog posts we have had quite a few mentions on BBC radio Leeds which has made us feel like Lady Gaga on an ego trip binge, and if you haven’t already heard any of the interviews, or because you just love us so damn much and you want to listen again, then the interviews will be attached on a blog as soon as we figure out how to get them on here.

  1. L1nds says:

    Very proud to see my alma mater opposing the ConDems! Keep up the good work.

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