Day 3 and we have support! Lots of support

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Busy, busy day. We are all very tired and have had such an amazing. The UCU meeting met today and voted to give us full support for our campaign and everything we are doing. At a meeting of at least 100 staff, the vote was unanimous and it really made a difference to everyone in the occupation. WE are in this together Dave, not you, not your little pet party the Lib Dems, we are. The tutors being on board means we can really start to officially push our campaign. It also gives us the strength to start being a proper occupation. An occupation with all the cheekiness, civil disobedience and system bashing we can expect.

The numbers swelled today as well as people are beginning to come back from holidays, this is going to mean we can really organise a massive movement, which is what is required for Trinity to be taken seriously in the anti cuts campaign. We have a great hardcore who have been involved for some time but as we are expanding, we are going to be giving lectures, informing people and telling the truth about the effects of the proposed cuts. There is going to be some resistance and honestly, we welcome it, firstly because we know they are based in rhetoric and selfishness and secondly because at least a bad conversation, is a conversation.

In line with the usual run of things, we are going to actually welcome this resistance to the point where we invite anyone who has a problem with what we are doing to a debate; we would like to let you know now though, we will not be providing tissues for when you get clowned. The arguments are solid on our side and we know we are right. People who are at Trinity and arguing for the cuts are either really stupid or just not very informed, the latter at least, we can do something about and will garner no hostility beyond calling you stupid in this paragraph. We realise there has been media control for some time and as the occupation pointed out on the radio on Wednesday, the Labour party have not helped by removing the feeling of there being another option but there is, there are several in point of fact. We just want the chance to present them and have you see what you think after we have talked about them.

Noam Chomsky has been the target of many conversations in the last few days, with regional reps of UCU commenting on his books being the occupation to his political ideal of all systems of governance being cruel and unnecessary. We feel he has a point but the existence of a system, the one we are living in, cannot change to no system overnight, it should be changed by constant pressure demanding that everybody have society designed for their needs and not the small percentage at the top, who feel they have a born right to servants and subservient workers.

We are going to be back on track with timely posts on the blog and even more occupiers tomorrow, which is going to be great. We really appreciate the amazing, constant and patient support from you all and we all building up to a really amazing time for politics and society.

  1. PeterPannier says:

    Solidarity from UWIC, glad to see an occupation starting up again. Good luck!

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