Day 4 and a Society Announcement

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Day 4 – the occupation is going well, spirits being lifted by ever-growing support and media coverage and LTSAC have kindly offered a platform for me to announce the formation of a new society within the student union – Leeds Trinity Socialist Students (LTSS). We are the first political society to exist at Trinity and I’m sure we’re going to live up to the mantle more than adequately! Of course, LTSAC is open to anyone and everyone who either wishes to get involved with protesting the education cuts, show support, ask questions or even attempt to engage in debate. LTSS, however is a seperate organisation which aims to spread awareness of the socialist alternative for society.
LTSS has no political affiliation and any student interested in learning about what socialism has to offer is welcome to join. We will be holding regular discussions and meetings on various topics ranging from the fundamental paradoxes within the capitalist system – to the correct path for the practical socialist transformation of society. Leadership takes the form of a democratically-elected committee and we work with other Socialist Students branches in colleges and universities all across the UK. Our meetings are open to non-members who wish to find out more.
What is Socialism? Socialism is the democratic planning of the economy based on the public ownership of the means of production (factories, farms, mills, large workshops etc.). Socialism stems from the idea that capitalism (neoliberalism) is an outdated system destined to squander important talent and resources and lower the living standards of the majority for the benefit of the few. Under the capitalist system, the profit motive, competition (as opposed to co-operation), market monopoly and corruption limit our freedom and cause the ever-growing gap between the richest and poorest to expand even further. Socialists argue that just as democratic regulation is needed to enable political freedom – it is also needed to enable economic freedom. Socialist Students believe that we need a different sort of society, one that rejects the rule of profit and the dictatorship of the market. We believe the alternative is socialism.

If you agree or simply want to find out more then come along to the meetings, or better yet get involved and join! Contact LTSS on our facebook page;!/group.php?gid=157086700978221
Or, if you aren’t local to the area and want to find out more, visit
Leeds Trinity Socialist Students fights for:
A fully funded, publically owned, transparent and democratically run education system at all levels.
Universal free education from nursery to university.
The writing-off of student debt.
NO to a graduate tax.
NO to the privatisation of education.
NO to the cuts and closures of departments, courses and facilities.
– Zach Cotter (Secretary of LTSS).


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