Day 4 is a day of filming and noodles

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

The fourth day has arrived and the occupation is still growing. Despite the cold, snowy weather people are still arriving energised from the holidays.

And despite more helpers arriving, we are still as busy as ever, if not more so. We are still working hard and had a successful media morning today. We were interviewed by the Morningstar today and don’t forget the interview on BCB radio today at 4:30pm. It has also been a printing morning and we now have piles of different posters and flyers to distribute, though we still have more to go.

We’re still growing strong and with our new base, news of the occupation is spreading rapidly and I doubt that there is anyone on campus who hasn’t heard of us. With the humungous amount of support we have now, we can’t wait for the university to start rolling when all the students arrive back for the new semester.

Another new addition is the camera, which Adele and Lauren have been getting the hang of using. So, soon you’ll be able to see more of occupation life, all the grime, hard work and general banter. And despite the flashing in our faces and being followed by a lens, we are just glad that the smell isn’t recorded by the camera. So time to get to the editing and gag reels after finishing our noodles.


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