Wonderful support, solidarity and media coverage

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today has been a bit fragmented although still very busy, we have found that burning the candle at both ends is occupational hazard.

Due to the university campus day starting at as early as 6am our starts have been quite prompt which means work gets done quite quickly to begin with and then there is a waiting period for the rest of the country to open their sleepy little peepers bless them. As they start to wake calls and visitors have appeared thick and fast with a online interview from a independent journalist whom will be posting our answers to his questions on his blogspot space http://hullisotherpeople.blogspot.com/ very shortly.

Aside from that we were also contacted by John Baron a reporter for the Leeds branch of the Guardian, after getting in touch with him on twitter he rang this morning and has arranged for us to put a several hundred word piece on to the Guardian web page bright and early Monday. So as our media contacts grow we are gaining valuable skills in journalism and working with the media, this however was not the end to the day as it rapidly moved on the snow began to fall outside halting Andy’s ability to get to Leeds for his work placement.

We had a quick phone interview with the Morning star this morning as well so we will be in the next issue of that

Being new found vegans Jordi and Andy have been snacking away today which has meant there are constant bouts of banter about meat eating and how it makes animals orphans (sad face) 😥 It is hard to live on the vegan diet without the facilities to cook properly but they are coping well.

This afternoon Jordon was representing the occupation by giving an interview for BCB radio which the occupation has archived and is looking at getting available. The broadcast went out at around 4:30pm today (Friday 7th jan 2011) so if you are able to find that give it a listen it went really well despite a few nerve induced mistakes.

The day did not stop though as our unison rep Jimmy paid us a visit and has once again offered us his collections of awesome DVD for those long nights in the wee hours just before we drift to sleep, we have also gotten our poster campaign going with large quantities of event posters ready to distribute. Tanis has been busy designing and printing these in anticipation for leafleting Horsforth.

We also received our official letter of support and solidarity from UCU which is amazing they have been so supportive and are doing everything they can to help so we thank them again and again they are brilliant. We also thank the tutors for bringing food parcels in it has all been well received, Lauren after some confusion as to whether she could have a cake (She could) was rather happy and expressed her love for the butterfly cake.

The editing of youtube video footage by Lauren and Adele has been amazing and we are very much looking forward to getting it up and running for your viewing pleasure , along with this Zac has managed to get a friend to design and set up a web page for the occupation so we will soon have a central point where the blog and our other information will be available to you all.

A friend of the occupation and member of the Leeds branch of the socialist party Iain Dolton spoke on our behalf today at the national students summit in London and we will be seeing him over the weekend to see how it went.

We also now have a copy of the Yorkshire daily post in which we have a full page spread and can be found on their web page which is linked at the bottom of this post.

Right now Adele has  orphaned more baby animals by ordering a take out for herself so Andy and Jordi have decided a Micro Pig would be beneficial in stopping peoples meat eating plus it would have adorable little trotters!

Events to know about in the coming days of January that would be great if people would go to and support include the following.

EMA march on Jan 11, 4:30pm starting at the parkinson steps in leeds.

We have a community and planning meeting Here at Leeds Trinity University college on Jan 15 at 3:00pm

Yorkshire Student summit takes place in Bradford during Feb

The big march in London on 26 March

We will keep you all up to date as and when we know more, Thank you all for your continued reading of the blog. Support grows each day and this cause is something worth committing to so that we will stay strong with your support.

Solidarity message and media:

Amazing solidarity from people including a blog entry form an occupation in California United states, ucu blog mention for us, a international student activism base and other blogs and media presence.





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