Morning so far Day 5

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s Day 5 and the mood is good despite a truckload of work for each of us to do. There are blogs to be written and Andy and Adele have gone leafleting in Horsforth, contacting many of the businesses that will be affected by the universities immanent danger and just to raise awareness for the Community meeting on the 15th.

Another supply shop has also been done to keep us well stocked and in good health through our occupation, nutrition is key to keeping us awake, focused and committed to the cause.
Lauren and keiran are also doing filming and editing and over the weekend we are hoping to get first YouTube video up on the channel.
Also todays hygiene task found keiran soaping Laurens hair up so she can wash it in the sink with varied success and the use of the phrase ‘’Keiran your only soaping the middle!’’
We are organizing the group roster so that we can keep each other refreshed and keep on top of our increasing work load as occupiers will still be attending lectures and we will try and see if some lectures can be accommodated within the occupation room to put on extra lectures to prevent info from being missed. A busy day ahead but one more where we are being the defying voice against this oppressive coalition, We have been keeping a track of not just official forms of left and right wing media but also activist events and meeting as well as individuals contributions to informing and entertaining the public.

As we have seen across youtube and many links via twitter and facebook the influence of comical songs is increasing in reference to the coalition and key MP’s at White hall.
Activists like ourselves and others all across the world have been taking considerable advantage of WI FI and social networking sites in order to transmit our campaigns.

NetrootsUK are holding a meeting today and it seems many have turned up to engage in activities and share idea’s on how to combat cuts in Britain this has been greatly helped by all those there whom have been tweeting their daily news.

We are also using the Inter Web to contact a broad campaign base and support after yesterday where we were mentioned in a Californian anti cuts campaign blog after they had read our own blog.

The movement as a whole and not just our selves seems to be rapidly gaining support and momentum which is great leading up to important march dates like 29th Jan and 26th March.

Iain Doltan is due to visit us today to tell us about the student summit meeting which he went to in London this week and more needs to be done here in preparation for the return of the student body.

Once again thank you for your support and continue to keep up to date with our going on.


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