Brief evening thoughts

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Our friend from the socialist party stopped in late this afternoon to see how the campaign was going and to relay some information about a meeting he attended in London this week.

After catching him up on the situation here and our new found connections with York St John’s anti cuts movement as well as Teesside EAN, we looked at organising the direction of our demands in more detail which we will do over the coming days.

We are now looking at preparing the campaign ready to move it forward for the arrival of the student body on campus, the support for the EMA marches both in Halifax and Leeds on the 11th Jan both are at 4:30pm  is growing so if you can get to either that would be great.

It has been a very long week and we are due some down time at some point to stop the fraying of nerves which may happen if we are not well rested enough. So later this evening after we have had some meetings and sorted our work load for tomorrow we will have a community sit down and relax a little bit with some much needed Family guy and futurama leant to us by the all famous Jimmy.

Zac has arrived back today which bolsters numbers and means we can begin to get to grips with our contact that is developing us a web domain. Also the return of rose tonight was greatly welcomed our silent ninja is back on the team and Jamie is back tomorrow so you will see less rawr rawr rawr in our blogs at least once a day and more humour will grace your daily blog viewing.

This being said we will try and keep an even coverage of day to day events as well as some politics rants, as always I will be expressing the joy of Veganism to our viewers as tonight we had a vegan spaghetti which I’m just saying is delicious I really encourage people to try vegan alternatives and who knows you may even take up eating habit as well. If not for the health benefits and the animals saved or the environmentally positive affects then at least do it for the awesomeness that is HEMP FLAPJACKS!

If anyone is interested about veganism we will answer any questions you have or point to somewhere where you can find helpful info.

Solidarity and Good Health


  1. KT says:

    Have you spoken to the local media about covering the event? It might really help. Certainly, we got front page coverage on our marches and the York Press were VERY supportive, which no doubt helped local opinion out of the mud after the tarnish of London. Not that I mean to criticise London here, it’s just that the local public opinion counts for a lot. People will remember when it swings round to election time that the students were a friendly lot and not a violent mob unworthy of support. Having the locals on our side is going to help like nobody’s business.

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