Diversity and our will to FIGHT!

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

The occupation is a now growing community not just in the sense of those of us here on the campus at Leeds trinity but as a wider community of activists, as we mentioned in our interview on BCB radio yesterday we are condemning  not just cuts to education but cuts across the board.

As such it means that we have had contact with many campaigns both in England and some abroad, it has come to a point where apathy is not only a hindrance it is self mutilation of society it is only now that students have lead the way in this cause that people are being made aware of the problems within society not just in the education cuts.

Now that we have had support from UCU here and other unions it is making a real difference, it is becoming obvious that this is not just the students fight. It is a fight that involves all of our countries citizens, how is it fair that the richest in society profit and gain ever growing fortunes while the poor are left to work and strive to make ends meet.

Because we are in contacts with not only lecturers, unions and student but also the socialist party it means we have a broad range of information in which we research as such we are aware of the alternatives to the cuts, we feel strongly about bringing tax dodgers to justice people such as George Osborne, Philip green, corporations like vodaphone and others should be made to pay towards the society that helped put them where they are.

Many of us in the occupation feel that the cuts to education are simply yet another ideological assault on the poor and down trodden, it is simply the last nail in the coffin. Corporate organisations, TNC’s and even our own government have been screwing Jo blogs from behind their desks for years they have been processing our food to the point it is unrecognisable from the natural product, they have been exploiting hard working individuals for low pay and an attitude which communicates a sense of worthlessness. The Mp’s in Britain have lied, cheated and stolen from the pockets of its citizens.

Andy and Jordi have recently gone vegan and one reason for this is the continued exploitation of both animals and the environment through exploitation of eco systems and inhumane treatment of live stock, another is the corporate exploitation and control of products and its workers, TNC’s such as Coca Cola have had Trade unionists in countries such as Columbia killed for daring to as for a fair wage and safe working conditions, Nestle implemented a baby milk scheme in Nigeria and then withdrew aid leaving mothers unable to breast feed and babies to starve and die.

People will say one what does this have to do with the cuts and two if this was going on someone would have stopped it. To these people it can be said that this has everything to do with the cuts because the driving force is Capitalism the open exploitation of all things for profitable gain of the wealthy and to two it hasn’t been stopped because these companies are so powerful they rival both influence and financial wealth of entire countries.

We are standing up against these cuts, we are standing up against exploitation of staff and workers, we are standing up for the health and well being of animal and the environment and we are saying NO WE WONT BE SILENT ANY MORE!

The level of support for activist campaigns grows daily in Britain and abroad and soon we will see change because together we can make a difference.

We are support networks, friends, allies, family and we are not giving up our fight.

In the spirit of solidarity and support we have also had contact from Teesside EAN who are going to be visiting us at some point in the near future as well as this we have also been speaking with Students at York st Johns anti cuts campaign in which we offer our full support and continued contact.

Send them your support on their blog spot page at http://noedcutsyork.blogspot.com/

Every message of support and solidarity you send them will be much appreciated in their cause so continue to follow their activity as you have been with our own.

Solidarity and Good Health

  1. KT says:

    Good stuff. YSJ RESIST THE CUTS is right behind you.

    Probably want to change “condone” to “condemn” in the first paragraph though. Typo.

    Again, cheers for all the support and it’s great to see blogs like this keeping up to date and raising awareness!


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