Chains broken, Bonds Formed

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

In the most ‘turbulent potentially dangerous period for years’(Principle Freda Bridge) it is becoming evident the number of not just groups but also individuals that are crawling out from beneath the self interest stone, in a time where solidarity and common footing should unite there are those that undermine the struggles we undertake. Whether purposefully or without realising we have no time for personal agenda and brown nosing, it is not a viable option to spend time trying to control people and groups it is far more beneficial we try to reach out and make connections and bonds not just as students or activist but as  communities, friends and a country.

We have been contacting York St john’s, both in a campaign capacity and on a personal level, it seems that they have an eclectic group of individuals with a variety of skill sets which is great as diversity allows for not only the expansion of though and idea’s or the passing on of new skills but it also means that common ground can be found in times where a multitude of views are produced.

This is a concept not just key to the mobilisation of activism; a phrase so gripping it will be the future title of my autobiography, but one that should be taught in life. a government unable to display the ability to address the issues in its society and support all those it governs is incapable of governing its society. For example a country becomes a police state when it no longer looks to the safety, well being and protection of its citizens but in fact looks to the safety well being and protection of those in power and those with the largest metaphorical wallet.

On a lighter note we want people to learn! without education we are nothing; an example of this was found placed on a forum earlier today where when speaking about veganism I used a phrase which was of my own making, the response to my comment from the blogger who disagreed with me and attempted to take the high ground was ‘’ what does that mean? I googled it and found nothing.’’ Now, although Google is a wonderful source of information, it isn’t quite as substantial as an education system itself. Without Education comments like this will be made where people will assume they cannot have a conversation without first googling words and phrases, the day I speak to someone and there response is ‘’Hello- google defines this as a expression of greeting’’ click click click of the phone and a webpage is brought up with search results ‘typical response for Hello’. This obviously is a fictitious scenario, but illustrates that education is the cornerstone to any functioning, well-oiled society and when the opportunity is limited that divides that society.

It is a tragedy that education and other areas where cuts are happening are not given the value and respect they deserve, it is even more of a tragedy that this devalue of education and hike in education costs come from those that actually had a free education themselves and are now benefiting from it.

It’s time for a voice to be heard over our 25 watt mega phone and this voice will boom over 600 metres saying ‘’ Cameron your our prime-minister , but you are not our leader!’’



  1. KT says:

    Right on!

    Stirring stuff. Genuinely. Also … the google-education allegory made me jollicate. .. Ahem, I mean laugh.

    It is honestly so good to see other people giving a shit and offering each other the support we all need that I am in a good mood, despite impending deadlines. Thanks. And as ever …


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