Day 6 and People Come Home

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Support and solidarity- two words we may have prostituted lately here at ‘LTSAC Enjoyable Words To Say Inc.’ Not without good reason of course, we are very grateful for every small whiff of that sweet, sweet support but it seems members of the occupation themselves; especially those branded as ’The hardcore’, belittle how much their constant support and solidarity are to the whole group and we thank them, not merely for the venomous, damning, stacked to the bloody rafters with facts and figures blog updates but their sheer commitment to the cause. It has been this ’Hardcore’ rabble, which has successfully got the campaign to the media frenzy and Youtube pillaging (It is coming, we promise) state we are currently in. A deserved pat on the back for the group. Self-gratification- key when you spend all day with a room of banterous, hate-riddled folk. Not physically though, that’s wrong in these cramped conditions.

Mother of Christ, are you serious Andy? Unfortunately, Andy has no clue what I mean by that because we’re giving his hate a rest. However, he does bring wonderful news glorified by Karl Marx himself – probably? We’ve organised a piece of art work to be done by Nate Bear, who is a self-described ‘illustrator known for creating dynamic and playful cartoon imagery.’ Something playful is certainly what this group needs, because the last thing we want to do is resort to board games to pass the long, tiresome night shift where the moon only seems to linger in the sky, refusing to fall as you monotonously press F5 on your Facebook page, because somebody will definitely reply to your status which reads ‘I’m so bored I would -Input poignant act here.’ Which, as you can tell from the long-winded description is a moment we all look forward to here at ‘LTSAC Dramatists Corp’ (On going theme, mental.)

Moving on, before the midnight oil burns out (It’s pretty late as I‘m writing this), the campaign flaunts it’s cheeky little self better than Marilyn Monroe‘s pants on it’s quest to be known by the entirety of Yorkshire, with interviews on Radio Bradford and a leafleting campaign that took on the dazzling streets of Horsforth yesterday, with all major shops in the town displaying a small leaflet about us, so if by chance you are in Morrisons, I would ask you to have a gander, but if you’re in Horsforth anyway you might as well pop in and have a chat with us lovely lot, as any of us would be over-joyed to receive support from more people in Horsforth and surrounding areas as we’re all part of this community through the tough times to follow and we are willing to back all campaigns condemning the cuts, in everyway, shape and form. Don’t worry sports fans, this is the nice blog, there will be hate on the way.

Nate Bear Artwork:


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