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Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

The social aspect of university seems to have pre-empted the apathy to things like cuts a little too neatly. The question that has been asked by every interviewer at some point in media has been “but aren’t students just apathetic or lazy? How are they getting involved, since they appear to not care? What is the point in fighting if the cuts have already gone through? What difference do you think it is going to make?”

We would like to answer some of them hear and open them up for discussion. If people are looking to get involved or disagree, then we are welcoming that, if anything to get people talking at all about this issue which we consider hugely important. There are several places people can get in touch with us for a good argument. We only want productive arguments, if you get aggressive, we will get defensive and that is of no worth to anyone. If you want to have a conversation about it, there are information desks within the occupation itself. There is the Trinity Occupation e-mail at leedstrinityoccupy@hotmail.co.uk , there is the facebook group http://tinyurl.com/32g3jos , there is the blog and there is a website coming very soon where all of this will be available, including a youtube channel.

The apathy issue is one that we feel has a recurrent a circular theme. People who watch celebrity TV and reality TV etc, seem to be involved in something for some desperate urge to escape the cold reality of life out of this imagined and contrived world. We are not even criticising this, we consider the situation and just about everyone in occupation has said at some point “sometimes I just miss being ignorant of all of this, life was so much less painful and disturbing”. The simple fact is we are aware of it and realise, the only way to change it, is for everyone to be aware of it and feel a need to do something about it. This is why we are constantly annoying people who are on the group with facebook updates, links, newsfeeds and things like that. It matters and we are tired of being tarred with the same brush as the people who are too apathetic to care, to get informed and become members of society. We can’t blame them though, it wouldn’t help us or them, the point of contention becomes, how do you appeal to the greater sense of society in someone who has an easier alternative which have trillions of pounds of advertising providing the counter argument?

Speaking to Adele last night while huddled around a lighter for warmth but still feeling the need to go out for a cigarette we talked about how much everyone inside the occupation had become really close. There is a trust within the occupation that is really unique and it is because we all know we are here for the same reason and we are totally relying on each other. It seems that when you do realise you have that shared goal and that shared realisation of just how bad everything is without the distractions of popular culture making people apathetic, seems that everything gets purer and better. The point being, the simple pleasures become amplified the better they are. Which is another point we are making, the money side, the side that it all revolves around, is actually really shallow. There are clichés and maxims galore about the whether or not money can buy you love or happiness. The simple fact behind it is simple though, no it can’t. Closeness, happiness, love, achievement, gratification, self perception, social identity and social status are all actually defined by the people in your lives.

We have great people in our lives and are not apathetic any more. Realising the nature of the cuts and the government and even the system we live in was depressing initially but everything else is better because of it. The people around us and the gratification of doing something we really believe in is WAY better than having the latest whatever thing we need or believing in some idolatrous pop star with no actual talent or laughing at some unfortunate Z list moron who feints and screams like a stuck pig. We are not judging people who do, simply letting you know the grass is greener on the other side and we like it.


www.anniebritton.wordpress.com Is one of our new friends, check out her blog.



http://natebearart.com/ – awesome artist who is designing a poster for the occupation

  1. Lolcat says:

    Inspiring words and so true. It’s beautiful that you’ve captured the moment of your awakening in a positive light. I found the same trust continues when visiting other occupations. There are a lot of communities like this out there. A few in Leeds I can think of. Reallyopenuniversity project caught my eye actually. You just have to look hard enough to find people. They might be in a social centre or a community garden or a vegan society or a feminist book club or a decent union or political groups (I don’t agree with party systems) or DJing a dub night. You just have to look hard enough! Hope all goes well xxx

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