Early Mornings

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

it was around 6am wake up today between broken sleep, we had various support and a little bit of a relaxing environment late last night which was nice.

The room and sleeping arrangements were a little bussier with people scattered about and various levels of reverberating snores across the room. This week aims to test things as all our occupents are at one point or another going to be attending their lectures to keep up the education we are fighting for, although there is still plenty to do on a day to day basis so this is going to have to be very organised.

It is almost 8am now and im going to start having to get the psych students up for their 9am lectures, a prod. a kick or a whistle here and there should see them jumping to their feet and their dazed little eyes flickering in confusion. No one enjoys being woken up this early even when there is lots to do but, that is the nature of a occupation we are afraid up with the sun and asleep only several hours before. once everyone is awake it only takes minutes for the shuffling and preparing for the day to begin, everyone is aware of their tasks and the task board is being consulted, this will see Adele and Andy advertising today while people are in lectures they will use a table just outside the occupation door to start catching the student bodies inquisitive eyes.

We will be once again leafleting the local community today and this evening to inform and arrange attendance of our community planning meeting on the 15th Jan the student hide outs and take aways are the local haunts where leaflets will be seen by school, college and uni students in town.  the Morrison notice board has already been tagged with a flyer and poster campaign informing the community of the meeting but today will be about getting that message out and as many caring members of community attending as possible

The  veganism is still going strong with a hearty breakfast a lovely rice milk coffee and copious amounts of mineral and vitamins i am fighting fit ready to learn and push this campaign forward.

Solidarity and good health.


  1. Lolcat says:

    My veganism slipped during ULOccupation. I can order cheeseless pizzas, but it’s the lack of snacks. A few of us did a good job of cooking food at home and bringing it in. Dunno how I’d have coped long term though. Veganism is so easy when you’re in control and buying and cooking. It’s unfortunate that it’s suddenly all ‘can’t eat that’ and awkward it is when out :/

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