Term starts

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today has been manic, madder than a hatter, crazier than a badger, more bonkers than Dizzee- this is not a plug. This is the first day combining lectures and activism, which turns out isn’t by any means impossible, but is certainly a big change from nice comfy activism from the homely floor of your occupation room or the rewarding shoulder to shoulder camaraderie of a march. This is something new, this is learning, hardcore style. As claims from outside sources repeat that well drummed beat of ‘You’re ruining your degree!’ we refute these claims and will as usual attend all our lectures as well as fronting a campaign.

The YouTube page is now officially up and running with a proper 4:00 minute long video and everything. Including an appearance from a massive faced ginger and Kieran and Andy giving a general chat about our occupation, what we’re doing here, up and coming rallies and how the cuts will impact on everyone’s lives. Not to worry though, the video isn’t all misery and gloom, there are several jokes in there about how having a megaphone makes you win and a few underhand jokes about the Tories, which is enough to brighten up anyone‘s day.
Not only this but Adele and Lauren have rented out a big, crazy camera from the lovely people at the media department once again, that looks fit for the set of Eastenders, which they are going to use to film Andy at the Save EMA rally tomorrow. (4:30, Parkinson steps, get yo’ self there, foo’). Adele and Lauren are also considering suiting up for this occasion. With the posh camera gear, suits and a boon (that looks a bit like an old guinea pig that’s seen better days) they will look they’ve just fallen out of Men In Black.

The current state of the staff room aka our humble abode is relatively clean and nice to look at, courtesy of Jordi and Andy giving it a cleansing before people were back on campus and nipping in and out and whatnot. Because, somehow we didn’t think that the staff would want to see our pyjamas and pringle remnants lying around on the floor. We like to think that we’re better than that. (Even if we aren’t).

We have all been trying to get the message across to our class mates and peers about our campaign, seen as though we all still get asked constantly, “So… You actually like, live in there?…With each other? All of the time?” Yeah, we don’t know how we do it either.
In all seriousness though, it is worrying how many people we have discovered that do not actually understand the seriousness of our campaign, how important it is, and how much this all matters to students and communities across our British Isles. So many people don’t actually believe that our university may be hit, in a big way. A lot of people seem to think that this is just the curse for the future generation. Well, it isn’t, and the truth of the matter is, that even if this wasn’t going to affect everyone that is currently in university, we should still care, and we do care. We are not only trying to look after our present, but we’re also trying to protect our futures, and the future of everyone looking forward to their university careers.
Some of our closer friends may be sick of hearing us repeat these facts to them, but we aren’t being annoying at all, I promise, well maybe we are, but it’s all for a good cause, so we’re allowed.

Anyhoo, all in all, we’re all feeling pretty good and happy with what we’re doing. We just keep informing people and trying our best not to kill Jordi when he’s on one of his vegan rants.

Peace out, and stay classy.


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