Day 8: What now for the main parties? …… Discuss

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, so it’s the first action of the year today. College students and university students are organising all over the country today to save EMA! There was going to be a vote in parliament today but they actually postponed it, which can only mean they are running scared and don’t want to have any votes on days where we are going to protest. We can think of no better reason to organise, co-operate and get the rank and file in the street every time they do anything that can be described as evil. If they are running like this, the effect the anti-cuts movement is getting more and more obvious and we should capitalise on this.

The lines are getting thinner and thinner in the coalition defence as the Lib Dems announced in Wales yesterday that “nobody really takes YouGov polls seriously”. Yeah Nick, they are only a poll of how people are going to vote, it what crazy democracy does that matter you tool? So, with the Lib Dems indulging in some really quite heavy denial and sticking their fingers in their ears chanting “la la la not listening la la la” and Dave hiding in the corner like a dog that went poo’s while the owner was out shopping, victory looks like a very real possibility in the near future.

The holes in the coalition seem interesting as well. There are some interesting talks about what is actually going to happen to the Liberal Democrat party and they are all different and all quite funny. They managed to actually log a massive 7% in the poll that Yougov published (yougov being an independent body who just poll people in an unbiased manner and having no political affiliation), so you can see why they might want to discredit the results. For the first time in ever, the green party are enjoying about half the vote of the Lib Dems. So, what is next for the Lib Dems? The things being suggested are that they will literally split in half and one side will join Labour and one will join the tories (guess where Clegger will be landing on THAT little scale). If that happens, the voting public will resist having a two party system like in America, especially since Labour and Conservative are actually closer than even the American parties.

Does it even really matter? At a socialist party meeting last night and during another discussion with each other, people were discussing what the point of any of the three major parties is. They are all basically the same party. They are all calling for cuts from the poor to cover the mistakes of the rich. They are all so desperate for power, they will lie to get in then do exactly as they please when they get in. They are all corrupt liars with no clear agenda other than staying in power. They all change their policies once they are in anyway. It seems Britain’s political system is broken and this is an attitude being mimicked in every anti cuts, student group, left wing organisation, right wing organisation (though they use much much smaller words to describe their feeling) and activist group.

  1. mel says:

    Woo green party!

  2. Lolcat says:

    Only agree with one type of party and it’s the only thing in my life that doesn’t involve politics 😛

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