Splitting up ….

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today is going to be a difficult one all in all with people at lectures, leafleting, posters and the EMA march later on [4.30 Parkinson steps, Trinity students can meet in reception at 3 to get the 3.35 train to Leeds]. Last night there was a slight change in people, though all should be coming together in the evening.

This morning so far there has been issues with people wanting to shower- in the interest of personal hygiene and social acceptance, and needing to pay all the start of semester bills, such as our accommodation, which is a depressing moment when sleeping on a floor! We are a bit thin on the ground though we are all either making the most of our education, advertising the EMA march or occupation jobs such as blogging, economic diagrams, washing up and making coffee to keep us all going. Not only that but today we ended up with 50 pages of scrap paper, though as we are all good people we shall be recycling this paper in creative ways.

Everyone is very tired and achy- damn floors, with their unprecedented lack of comfort, everyone has a lot of work to do, be it for the occupation, the campaign in general or of course university work which is very important. We now have a toastie maker and a grill now, which is rather handy, however, no food to put in the grill or in a toastie (oh the bitter sweet gut-punch). As essay deadlines loom closer everyone will be very much doing their own thing from within the occupation. It would be hypocritical of us to waste our education now!

BUT, we are all still committed to the cause and although motivation maybe lacking at times, it is never a permanent thing. The march later should boost a few peoples energy! Leafleting is going well in reception so hopefully there will be a good number of Trinity students supporting and attending the action.
Today it has become evident that some people are still shocked as to what an occupation is. Which is good because they then realise how serious the cause is and how committed we are to save education both for us and for future students.

Planning is on-going for the LTSAC community information and planning meeting on the 15th. The aim is to discuss what we as a community as well as students can achieve in combating the cuts. We urge anyone and everyone to attend as all ideas will be listened to and you can get some information at the same time. It’ll be a right giggle.


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