Art by Nate Bear

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

We we have woken up today at the glorious hour of around 7am and a Email was opened with an attachment, excitement ensues with big grins from Andy and Jordi. The Email is the commissioned Art piece which Nate Bear American artist has done for the occupation.

As the attachment is opened a brightly coloured imagine appears and it is AWESOME!
Nate Bear has captured the diversity of our group with each member represented realistically and in great detail, the persona of each group member comes across clearly and it represents the Leeds Trinity Students against cuts and indeed the anti cuts campaign with great accuracy.

We have just had A3 posters printed up to spread the message through the university grounds, its nice to have a artistic poster that incorporates both the message and the people pushing it forward.

If anyone really likes the poster it might be worth getting hold of Nate Bear to see if he can commission a similar piece for your campaigns etc.
if that is the case send us a message and we will give Nate Bear you details to see what he can do.

Solidarity and Good Health

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  2. KT says:

    This is awesome and I would definitely be interested in commissioning something similar in the future. Interesting and inspiring stuff.

  3. Nate Bear says:

    It was a pleasure. I love it when my work goes towards a good cause!

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