Looking at changes both great and small!

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The exhaustion of last night’s march has been wiped away by sleep and the pure awesomeness of Nate Bear’s drawing. And so momentum has begun to pick up in preparation for this evening.

This evening we will be holding a meeting for the students of the university where everyone can discus what is happening and what people think of everything and the sort of direction this campaign should take. So it’s a time for changes.

And this campaign is a mark for change. And not just a change of governments and systems, but a change to people as well. For the first time in years, politics has actually been a main topic of conversation; people are actually watching the news and paying attention to the worlds around them.

Just sitting here observing the university, you can see the changes. You see people with newspapers and coffee, people picking up flyers on tables and actually reading them. They’ve actually sparked conversation too. Before I got involved in this campaign, I had no clue that we had a principal, no clue about some of the history of this place and I barely ever talked to staff. The world just seemed to rush by without consequence. Nowadays, that attitude is gradually fading; you catch glimpses of people talking what’s happening in regards to politics, events and what’s been happening around the place. This university and its students are becoming far more active. Protests and marches are being arranged at this uni and even meeting put up on the local intranet in some cases. The number of posters around has definitely sawed. If you’ve been reading this blog, you may have noticed a new society that has just started up at the uni. The Leeds Trinity Socialist Students (LTSS) which is the first ever political society set up at Leeds Trinity.

As intervals in this occupation, there have been changes too. People are now more aware of impacts of big firms on society, socialism and other political and economic topics, which results in comments like ‘No coke, Pepsi’ as we have heard of some of the little life destroying enterprises of some big firms. Veganism and vegetarianism has also started crawling its way through our ranks with a new vegetarian and a vegan thanks to Jordi, Andy and Micro pig.

And with all the publicity and campaigns and leafleting, it’s getting bigger and more people are noticing us and becoming aware of the world around them.


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