Modern day tools of Activism

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Activism has changed greatly over the years, not just in those that partake in the actions but also the way the actions are organised, prepared and carried out. The last account of activism and protest of a similar magnitude to those that will happen throughout 2011 and the last few months of 2010 were the poll tax demonstrations fought by the unions; the demonstrations are now being lead primarily by student activists. This suggests a greater understanding of politics and social awareness unseen for years.

But not only do students, teenagers and young adults seem to be more aware of current affaires and the socio economic climate, it is evident that a large number of skills are being used in the battle for
equality and the slaying of the ideological monster that is capitalism enacted Through the Condem government and it’s policies.

The battle seems to now more than ever before being fought with the aid of tech savvy individuals and their technological toys. From the use of social networking sights at home and in occupations to working mobile devices used to coordinate activists while on the march.
The London march against the introduction of higher tuition fees (which can still be over turned.) that took place in December 2010 saw many individuals and groups usingW mobile devices to design march routes and contact each other as to goings on that happened over the day. As well as this these tech savvy teens have used their gadgets to keep in contact with loved ones when left desperately held captive within kettling tactics instigated by the police as well as to film the underhanded tactics of some police forces.

The level of techno activism seems to be on the rise and as such it is becoming an ever increasingly useful tool only further helped by the technical abilities of Android applications, wifi browsing and Apples patented apps and products.
Aside from the use of technology my student activists it is also proving a ever popular and useful tool in the sharing of information, if there was ever a more poignant example of this than wikileaks it as yet to be revealed (most likely by Wikileaks.)

Never has the worlds governing bodies, bourgeois or TNC been under more public scrutiny than in late modernity with constant surveillance from information sharing, geographical location, portable camera and video technology and Internet hacking etc it is hard to hide the exploitation, mistreatment and deprivation of the worlds poorer citizens and it’s animals.

Corruption is so writhe in the world today that in particular the realm of psychology and it’s areas of investigation in to behaviours is ever growing and the list of social and constructed concept crimes in the area of political, agricultural, environmental, corporate and White collar crime are on the increase.

Now is a time of extreme social change in terms of technology and it’s application to every day life, this change is dramatic and is both advantageous as a tool for those fighting for the well being of citizens and their society and those that wish to do harm to it.

Now is not the time to follow politicians now is the time to start a citizens movement, grass roots campaigns are on the increase. So to our readers I say grab your mobiles, your blackberries and I pads, tweet, facebook and blog the message.
The world is changing and we are a massive part of that!

Solidarity and good health to all.


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