Day 10 and its’s on!

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are some interesting times coming, we are looking at having a rally, there is the community meeting planned for Saturday, we had a national exec from UCU pay us a visit of solidarity yesterday which was great. Plenty going on and as people are starting to feel the strain but in a productive day, Jono and Adele are going to be getting yet another awesome youtube video on the tinterweb today, which will be awesome and more blogs and things coming. More than that though, the rally we are planning combined with the EMA march really start the campaign for us. All the boring planning, talking, sorting, organising and other things that are needed for a campaign have been done and now the exciting times are coming.

This is really what we have all been waiting for, after the march for EMA there was a lift in mood and determination but we were quickly reminded of the threat to our uni as we returned to it and we are angrier than ever. It was great to get some anger out and sleep properly with a totally wrecked throat but now back to building up the campaign. There are still new people coming into the occupation from Trinity which is great. We always welcome a new person with a vegan flapjack and a smile, as long as they are not a tory. The campaign gains the strength and the imagination of the staff as well, which is another reason we are looking to have a rally really. Gone are the days where the tutors had any time to join the rank and file marches, they literally don’t have the time to spend the afternoon off with students opposing and ideological assault on this country. So, we thought we would have a rally, get everyone’s blood pumping, get everyone involved and show the world that WE are in it together Cameron, not you and WE will not be ignored just because you and Clegg would prefer it.

I do love that Cameron is getting redder and redder as his reign of terror permeates into the realm of disabled children. I heard yesterday that they had actually removed the mobility component of children’s disability allowance. For those of you who don’t know, this money tends to be paid to parents who cannot work because they need to be with their children 24/7 as carers but whose child’s disability requires that they get taxi’s or some other costly form of transportation to carry out what is considered a normal life. SO, Dave, picking on disabled children making your face turn red a bit? I would be bloody ashamed too you scum! I would comment on Clegg but honestly, what’s the point? No-one else is.

We have even more support coming from unions and money for coaches and things are starting to show themselves, which is awesome. We are going to be able to provide coaches to both of the confirmed major marches on the 29th of January in Manchester and the TUC march on March 26th. These really are exciting times but as we were discussing the threat to our uni, we were talking about how there are so many issues at the minute, picking one thing to be disgusted by is becoming problematic. There are so many things to feel strongly about and so many things to get involved in, we are getting tired and need your support. If you have any questions or want to get some information, come down and have a word, we will have tables and leaflets being distributed all the time now.
Please also have a look at our amazing friend’s sites: Is one of our new friends, check out her blog. – awesome artist who designed a poster for the occupation and is literally one of the nicest people on the planet! We love Nate Bear! He also resulted in Tanis being referred to forever as Scarfy

  1. KT says:

    The disability funding cuts are shameful. There was talk on the BBC of a court case as some of the proposals violated the Geneva Convention.

    Let’s just look at that again shall we …


    Oh, David.

    I live with a guy who is a PA for a man who has Autism and he used his mobility money to save for a home of his own. He had previously been in a residential home which doctors said was causing him to suffer chronic depression. … And this is no isolated event.

    We need Flash Gordon on the case: Ming the Merciless would be proud of David Cameron.

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