Day 10: New record? Standard.

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Records smashed beyond all ability of humanity, as an announcement, round of applause and a slightly obnoxious cheer of joy, followed by mutterings of a querying nature sounded the beginning of Trinity’s first ever political society. The Leeds Trinity Socialist Society met today for the very first time since being founded at the start of term, shockingly being the only political organisation at the fresher’s fair and the only one in Trinity history. Flabbergasting isn’t it? Most universities have a handful of political society, especially those for the big 3 parties. Unfortunately, there were few celebrations after this, no bucks fizz for us my friends, but I did treat my self to a cheeky steak and ale occu-pie- when I said it no one laughed as well, worth a bash on here though, eh?

Other than this, today has consisted on mainly pushing the rally that we’re having on campus in order to involve the students and let them feel the rush you get from rallying, hopefully provoking interest in the movement, along with several other ideas, including having an occupation party and the reoccurring theme of actually holding a Lib Dem funeral- in my head the image of any of us with a dog collar and skull cap, while singing a education chant just gets me all excited. Sadly, I think it’s more a fallacy and something to keep in mind till I have my own sketch show , with a long and successful comedic career. Apparently, you have to be genuinely funny for that to be an option apparently, damn oppressive Tories. Back on point, the rally is also an opportunity for us to publicly exclaim our amended demands, plus as we know from the vibrant feeling we got after the EMA march, a good shout and chant is the best way to boost morale, whether it be among lecturers, students and other staff. The rally will be on thursday the 20th of January at 1 o’clock in reception, come join in, have a laugh, have a sing song, have a dance.


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