Community meeting, petition and board games.

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been delivery-tastic here today, with staff sitting and chilling with a brew and their somehow always hilarious conversations- seriously, how can so many people make you chuckle so heartily? But, as well as that, they always bring awesome stuff, to make our stay here and at least the evening, when we get time to rest and mull over the day, we also get some much needed recreation time. Supplies of entertainment were running low, but this has soon changed with a bit of nostalgia and a trip back to the God awful era of the 90s. Board games have found their way into the room, much to the delight of a particular activist, with such classics as Mousetrap and our personal favourite ‘Fame Academy- The Board Game’… It’s going be a busy few days.

Back to super serious business though, we have another interview tomorrow with BBC Look North, which is well awesome, furthering our media monopolising- poor phrase choice, definitely. As well as this we’ve spent the day with more advertising of the campaign and it’s events, printing posters for the rally, which features a selection of banners and signs from protests, some serious, some full of wit. The family favourites include: ‘First no letter from Hogwarts. Now this?’ and ‘David Thatcher, education snatcher.’ We do love a bit of creativity here. Currently, we’re working on a banner with a quote on, which is looking as awesome as an old pen stained, ripped bed sheet can. Jordi and Sam have done an awesome job on that, while combining their nearly due essays and lectures with the campaign.

As well as this, we’ve also got a petition going if any of you lovely readers would like to sign it, just pop into the occupation and we’ll sort you out. It pretty much, mentions several of our demands and if you agree with what we demand from the university, city council and the government and will illustrate the depth of support for the campaign, as many people do merely enjoy an outside role, well this is one way to show your support for us and your anger at the government without getting out of your comfort zone. So, please if you would like to show your support, please drop by and sign up.

Also, our community meeting is tomorrow at 3pm on the dot, in the Auditorium. In which we’ll be discussing with the community of Horsforth and surrounding areas the governments cuts in context to all of us and actions we can take, together. Hope to see you there.


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