Urgent, Fight begins now.

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This is and will continue to be referred to as the year of the students, 2011 will be the year that remembers all those that stood up and fought for this country and refused to slip back in to a system that holds no value in its citizens.
To quote the film V for Vendetta ” It is not the place of the people to be scared of its government it is the place of the government to be scared of its people.”
Leeds Trinity University College occupation is asking lecturers, unions, police, parents, and all of society to stand up now, we have lead the way as students but now is the time for more than that! Now is the time that we stand up as a community and as a nation.
By standing together there is not a government in this world rich or powerful enough to silence our voice.
Our voice will be loud today, we will be having our Community and planning meeting at 3pm and this is the beginning of a larger fight, together these cuts will be stopped, together we will question why Cameron is taking money from disabled children, why he is taking our educators away from us, why he is inadvertently allowing cancer to claim more lives through reform of cancer screening services and why the rich continue to get richer while we as average citizens are left to pay the tab.
We aim not only to be the flag ship for small institutions in refusing to allow cuts to our education and the future of this nation but we aim also to be the flag ship in this nation that asks its citizens to stand with us and show White hall that these cuts are Draconian and we will not stand for them!
We will be waving our banner at the march in Manchester on the 29th and again in London on March 26th, we not only encourage your attendance at these marches but we implore that you attend, it’s time to save this nation, it’s time to leave our mark on the pages of history and be proud in the fact that what we are doing is both right and crucial to the prosperity of Britain as a nation.
If this government will not back down then we say implement deficit budgets, we say spend like the money is there, we say offer the job security that your employees deserve and we say stand up for each other because if we don’t do it now there will soon be nothing left of this country and the fault will lie with us.
All that can get here for 3pm today know this now, this community and planning meeting is the start of a greater fight and its one we will fight for you and with you.
Solidarity for our citizen’s solidarity for our cause.

Please also have a look at our amazing friend’s sites:

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http://natebearart.com/ – awesome artist who designed a poster for the occupation and is literally one of the nicest people on the planet! We love Nate Bear! He also resulted in Tanis being referred to forever as Scarfy


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