A brief break and future plans.

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

‘A lie in, a lie in, my kingdom for a lie in!’ was what Shakespeare really wrote, but the actor thought he’d have his own input and it’s gone down in history wrong. Nonetheless, we didn’t have to give a kingdom, merely weeks of hard early mornings and late nights, and so we come to the Sabbath and despite not being religious in any way shape or form, we are taking the term very much biblically literal today… as if it were gospel, perhaps? Today we’re having a chill for the first time in ages, gorming out, chillin’ out maxin’ and generally having a steady day of nothingness. Oh, apart from that massive essay the psychology students, including me, have to do for tomorrow. Damn.

As you can see, the excitement at a mere one lie in is extravagant and it’s reasons like this we need your support, to make time in here as comfortable and efficient for everybody involved. With your involvement we could treat ourselves to more rest as well as keeping up the work load we have so far, so it’d be awfully lovely of you to get involved. Or pop in and sign our petition and have a chat with the gang. Look at me, with my NSPCC like claim, just imagine a black and white image panning across your TV screen, with an array of weary, heavy-eyed individuals. So please, show your support, because here at LTSAC, we never put a healthy student down.

Yesterday, we had a community meeting which went well and there is great appreciation for all those who attended, you guys were awesome. Afterwards, they all came and sat around, had a good chat and a coffee, in which we swapped contacts and talked about combining campaigns in future events, so we’re one solid force. As well as this, Jordi performed an interview for a journalist friend, which may have been slightly interrupted and unprofessional with all the noise about, but it was nice to see the place packed to the rafters with people, all in support of the campaign.

Also, we’re having a meeting with our principal Freda on Tuesday and a rally next Thursday at 1pm outside reception, which everyone should be able to attend, which will be a wonderful opportunity to find out about the campaign and to have a good sing-along, as we’ve mentioned before, the chants are always the best part of a rally and we plan to come up with some right CHUNEZZZ. See you there.

  1. Chris W says:

    Would you like it if I bought you down some home made food stuffs? Freshly baked bread, vegan cupcakes and stuffed pasta or something? I know it’s not much but everybody enjoys fresh food, except for scallies who only like Wotsits and heroin, which isn’t a food stuff but they consume vast amounts of anyway.

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