Some great news and some annoying

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

The community and planning meeting yesterday was great, four main speakers including Andy Smith from the occupation gave a decent description of the history of austerity and the position we find ourselves in today, which is a grim outlook. Solutions to all of this were offered however and as we look into ways to oppose the cuts in the community and wider, some great ideas were offered. Mark Taylor-Batty from UCU Leeds spoke very strongly about the current situation and how we should be viewing the austerity and what the unions can be doing and are doing. Iain Dalton from Youth Fight For Jobs and several other anti-cuts movements spoke on what is going on throughout the country and what we can do to oppose the cuts. Nick Parker from PCS Student members group discussed what is happening more locally and Andy Smith discussed the occupation and the impact the university closing would have on the community.

The floor was opened to the public and everyone there discussed their concerns, including a really eloquent speech from a local high school girl who is an activist and more socially and politically aware than most of our students. It brought things home to a lot of people in the room, reminding us that we are fighting for people’s future but we should consider inviting them into the fight where we can. It is sickening the rules in place muting young and gifted people who just want reassurance surrounding their future and LTSAC will be offering any assistance we can to her and her movement in the future.

The meeting itself served as a bit of a solidarity fund raiser as well. Laurens amazing parents brought food and support to the occupation which was wonderful and promises of the petition being signed as well, so a special thank you to them. Other contributions came in from everywhere and because of this, it is looking very likely we will be putting coaches on to both the 29th of January march in Manchester and the TUC march on March 26th in London. It is looking like they are both going to be contributory but this will only be a nominal fee like £5 to ensure that as many people as possible are able to go along and protest the cuts. It is about time the institutions like Trinity that are most likely to be affected start making a serious showing in the cuts movements. We have only seen the beginning and the strength of this national movement comes from things like the occupations and sustained anti-cuts protests from groups like UKUncut and the various individual movements.

As we look at what is next, we are thinking about tying all the media into one location through the website, the media are now good friends and we will be looking into ways to keep getting the message to the community that we are still here and still fighting. We need support from our own students especially at the rally we are planning on Thursday. This is going to be outside reception at 1 on Thursday and will be for tutors, staff, students and visitors from solidarity visits. There is another plan being put into action but if you wanting get involved in that, we are only really talking about it in person at the minute. Until we can actually get some people on board for that, we are going to be planning it quietly.
There are exciting times ahead but also, as the world returns to normal after Christmas and New Years people need to realise the coalition have not stopped and will carry on their violent assault on the poor and disadvantaged and we can’t stop either. We have faced some resistance this week from students and apart from finding that really pathetic, one of the things we are forced to consider is, people are so politically stupid, they feel that tearing a poster up they don’t understand is some kind of statement. Well, firstly that was actually coming out of union printing costs, so you are only costing the good people of Trinity money and us a little time. Secondly, ripping up a poster on an issue you clearly don’t even understand just makes you look like a tiny person with little or nothing going on. Seriously, tearing up paper? It doesn’t make you look strong, it doesn’t make you look informed, it just makes you look pathetic so, if you want to come and argue about this properly, by all means come down here and tear some more things up. Then maybe you can explain why the tutors who are afraid for their jobs, the students who are worried about their own futures and those who will follow them, the staff who witness people vanish from these halls because of apathetic douche bags like you who do nothing but tear up a poster and walk away, maybe you can explain to them why they deserve your pathetic little protest of nothing you sad pointless little spot of nothing with all the personality of roadkill and the political and social savvy of floater? Or … Shhh

  1. kate mayer says:

    I really enjoyed the meeting and wish you all the best – also just to let you know that a ‘Silent Protest’ against the cutting of EMA has been called for Tuesday 18th Jan at 5pm – to meet at Dortmund Square – it’s on facebook as!/event.php?eid=144198635636707&index=1

    – please spread the word.

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