Back to work and protests

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Back to it this morning, with a staff meeting being held in the room today, we are tidying like crazy after a day of sticky wall men, crisps, sugar overload, snacks, messing about and generally being lazy. Even though it was a day off, we still managed to churn out three articles from the occupation for newspapers and organised the day today. Our days off are filled with chilling out but still getting the message across. We also planned a good portion of the coming week which should be an exciting one to say the least, with a visit to the principal planned for tomorrow; we should start seeing some action soon.

Politically speaking it’s an interesting time; Clegg is desperately trying to pull his party back together after decimating their ratings in the poll. He is using such weak tactics though, we are wondering if he sold his spine to the same gold toothed street merchant that Aaron Porter went to and neither one of them has the nuts to go and ask for it back. Cameron is facing some heat from Europe, which is interesting because his party want nothing to do with Europe except super right leaders from countries who think that banning a piece of clothing is going to stop people hating them. Sorry Nicolas you right wing nut job, you commission a pile of weapons to blow up the middle east while bringing in decimating attacks on your peoples civil liberties, people are pretty much going to assume you suck. Also Nicolas, it’s not your people that everyone hates, it’s you.

We love the French protestors. In many ways it’s the protests in France which really kicked the British into being so active. Speaking to an amazingly lovely journalist (they exist and are lovely!) at the community meeting on Saturday we were trying to decide exactly what had caused the massive actions and huge surge in students involvement following the iPod generation and there is a little bit of me that thinks it’s that old Norman/ Saxon, six nations rivalry kicking in and not wanting to be outdone by French protestors. It is interesting though; the British have a culture of not complaining which really needs to change. When we get cold soup we don’t say anything, whereas our Continental neighbours would literally scream at the waiter and storm the kitchen demanding recompense. Is this culture maybe responsible for the fact that the French protests were brought about by a civil liberty being removed that we were already much higher than them? The pension age they were protesting passed here years ago! Are we just used to getting screwed and thinking there is nothing we can do?

At the community meeting the fear of protesting of putting your hand up and demanding your rights came up. The young have long been the first to question a system as they have usually had much less time to be oppressed by it but seriously, do we just take things and assume there is nothing to be done because “you can’t fight the man”? Newsflash, you can fight the man and win, as it is us that gives the man his power and we can take it back. It doesn’t matter whether the man is a prime minister or a principal, they are there to serve the stakeholders and the stakeholders are the subjects of a nation of the students in these examples. The only people cheated by failure to protest are the people whose rights are being violated by people who assume they have the right to rule and its pathetic, if you remove participation in their system, they are nothing, less than nothing, they are servants of no-one with zero power and they don’t even have the future of the people they have annoyed as they waste their lives trying to achieve governance over people. The only way this is not a waste is if they serve the stakeholders honestly and with integrity, so long as people are willing to fight to maintain their rights as citizens of whichever structure they are involved in.

Please also have a look at our amazing friend’s sites: Is one of our new friends, check out her blog. – awesome artist who designed a poster for the occupation and is literally one of the nicest people on the planet! We love Nate Bear! He also resulted in Tanis being referred to forever as Scarfy


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