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Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Firstly, from 11.30 am yesterday we had no internet until 10.30 am today, so sorry for no blog updates! This caused us many a problem as we rely heavily on internet access for keeping everyone updated and researching various things. To keep ourselves sane we had many games of catch with the Leeds Trinity stress ball, including silent ones into the late hours of the night!

This morning we had a meeting with Principal Freda Bridge and Vice Principal Mark Shields which involved presenting our amended demands. The meeting was interesting in terms of their stance on the campaign, the cuts and the position the institution finds itself in now and in the future. A full report will be posted later outlining how that went.

Tension is high as we get closer to the time where renovations are planned for the room we are currently occupying. However, our plans are not set as to how we will approach this, more to come on that one.

Today there has been a general report on BBC1 about the national anti-cuts campaign, in which our banners were featured, bit of a moral boost and good promotion. We will try to find a link for the report and put it up for you all to see.

The main course of the day will involve leafleting to advertise the rally on Thursday, 1pm outside main reception and getting more signatures for the Save Trinity petition. With people dotted around in lectures etc. it will be a busy day.
The official nature of the campaign was called into question today, which really shows what the people in charge think of students opinions in this matter. The world of the academic should have very little to do with managers and as students, we are the primary stakeholders in any university. If we are not to be consulted, then maybe that is an issue which needs to be addressed. There are so many ways you can get involved. There is a petition being signed by everyone who supports what we are doing. There is the rally and people getting ready for all the other actions being carried out. There is now a sign-up sheet for the 29th of January in Manchester which we, with LTU are asking for a £5 donation towards costs. Come and see us for information on that.


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