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We demand:
From the Government:
• To reinstate EMA, ALG and other incentive to learn schemes, running a deficit if required in defiance of the cuts.
• Institute a policy of free, state funded education for all. To reduce the marginalisation of the poorer students, who are often priced out of education and to address the distribution of wealth allowing each member of society an even opportunity to succeed.
• Stop the witch-hunt and victimisation of student protestors arrested for being on anti-cuts protests and demonstrations
• Not implement any cuts and redundancies. There are several other areas where the funds should be raised. The unclaimed tax and loopholes enjoyed by the cabinet and other tax evaders/avoiders would make a significant impact and consider taxing the banks, increasing the bank levy and transparency of state owned banks bonus scheme and a guarantee nobody in banking is rewarded for failure.
From the University:
• Condemn all cuts. This should be announced in letter form, hand signed by Principal Freda Bridge and witnessed, renouncing the cuts fully and detailing the impact on the university.
• Publically oppose the rise in tuition fees. While we appreciate that Principal Freda Bridge has personally stated the damaging nature of the cuts, we feel a press release from the institution, detailing the harmful effects on the community and the student from the increase in fees.
• Inclusion, proper notice, planning and transparency on the plans going forward to ensure our academic quality and security as per the universities values and mission statement. This should include proper notice of all cuts to academic quality, departments and any other action that could affect the quality of degree we as students, can expect to receive.
• Written and hand signed confirmation that all decisions regarding academic quality will be passed through the appropriate bodies i.e. academic board and assurance that all decisions regarding academia are made by democratically elected academic representatives.
• Not to take disciplinary or legal action against students and activists for carrying out their legal right to protest in the anti-cuts campaign. We want hand written confirmation that any student who acts legally but enforces their right to protest, will not suffer academically or legally for involvement in the anti-cuts campaign.
• Not to penalise staff, in particular security staff for joining and supporting this campaign’s actions. This would also require hand signed confirmation from the Principal (Freda Bridge)

From Leeds City Council:
• Refuse to implement any cut, they should run a deficit budget and instead break the law if necessary
• Support UCU, Unison, Unite and other trade unions defending jobs and education

By reading and signing this document you agree to both the above demands and that when you join/ are involved with the LTUC Occupation you will conduct yourself in a professional manor.
• This means that you will take a proactive part in the campaign.
• Contribute in terms of time, food and money where possible.
• Enjoy yourself and contribute to the Occupation community in a positive way by being respectful of others.
The above list is a brief outline of what is expected of you and is not an exhausted list.


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