Today started just like any other in the occupation. Early and with bones cracking and creaking. But in all seriousness, that might just be because of old bones in a young body. But I digress. This morning started very well due to the delivery of a package of brownies which is clear symbolism for hope, joy and various other good emotions. So whilst we may be sore, we are filled with joy and later on, brownies will be there also.

Our happiness is not solely dependant upon the food stuffs that people donate to us however. We have been energised, and imbued with a subtle joy, yesterday by the first ever Rally to occur at Leeds Trinity, which was organised by the LTSAC. This Rally brings two things to mind. One is that once people are aware of what is actually happening and how bad the cuts are, they immediately want to stop them. Secondly, it shows that we, as students and staff, can make noise as varying students who decided that lunch time was actually a myth and should be slept through, were awakened by the anger and sense of injustice that flowed from the Rally. Strong, passionate speakers are not only to be found within the parliament of this country, but in our very own back yard. The only difference between our yard and their houses, truth can be found.

Later on today we are doing something else that Leeds Trinity has never had, done (and possibly never heard of) before. A Silent Disco will be held in the Library at 1pm, to show that we are opposed to the merging of our Student Support Departments. Their independence and autonomy is key to the lives of the students of this institution as without it, budgets are reduced and their capability to provide the services that we need is massively degraded. I can only imagine the abase feeling that goes through the minds of our staff as they are ignored and swept under the rug. This Silent Disco (as ironic as that sounds) will be a laugh and an opportunity to strut your stuff to your own tunes, so come down and show your support to the boys and girls who keep your degree on track. Even if you aren’t a student, come down any way because it’ll be a load of fun and the SSD’s need our support.

Also today we get the “fun” of a meeting with the conservative MP for Pudsey, Stuart Andrew where we get to find out he feels about the cuts. We need to know where our MP’s stand on this and whether or not they will have just been toeing the party line to avoid troublesome attention from the whips. Whilst I am not insinuating people have done this, we have to admit that if it comes down to your job or doing what is right, there are some individuals out there who will always lean towards the security of their job.

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  2. Anon says:

    Which Student Support Departments are merging together?

    • The department that we are protesting the merging of is I.T and library departments.

      • Anon says:

        But they have been the same departments for years haven’t they?!? Or at least since they were all housed in the new library??

        I thought they were combined and called ISS services under the sole management of Ed Brush (Director of ISS Services) who then had an IT services manager and library manager who worked under and reported to him.

  3. Anon says:

    Sorry, I’m not having a go but this was just my understanding.

    Is this not the case?

  4. Anon says:

    So are you telling me that Ed Brush did not manage both IT services and the Library because I am fairly certain that that is the case?

    And also, could you please outline what detriment the merging of these departments would be to us as students?

    • If you would like to come and speak with us about this you are more than welcome, we are in the Senior common Room off reception.
      It is a topic that may require the input of a number of occupation members.

      We hope this is helpful
      Regards Leeds Trinity Occupation

  5. Anon says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have the time as I am in my final year and between working and studying I’m extremely busy!

    I feel disappointed that after such a positive campaign thus far, that yesterday you proposed a new protest without any background information to support such action. Surely you should have clearly explained the situation and your position on it and then perhaps there would have been greater support.

    If you add to that that I am pretty certain that you have been misinformed, I feel that this was an immature knee jerk reaction after the success of Thursdays protests.

    Please don’t fell that I am against you, I think that what you have done so far, and the way you have acted has been fantastic but in this instance there was absolutely no information as to why you wanted to make a stand.

    • We are sorry to hear that but glad that your studies are going well, the protest yesterday is based on very reliable source information so as for its validity it is in our books very high.
      However, there are those that know more about this specific incident than myself although i am highly informed there are details i am unaware of. The person who knows the ins and outs is on there first break since the occupation started so i think it is fair that they could fill in gaps when they return later today.

      Thank you again for your message and your continued reading of our blog.
      Regards Leeds Trinity Occupation

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