Its 9:00am here in occupation (far to early for your regular teen to be up) and the rest of the group are piled around in various places, cushions, air beds and the odd sofa being used as make shift beds.
We will let them sleep a little longer today as everyone is exhausted from yet again another busy week, but soon they will be up ready to tidy and plan the week to come. There is no such thing as a spare moment in occupation, there are always plans to be made and things to be arranged.

We are getting things moving on the coach front for the march in Manchester on the 29th and will in some way or form have two 49 seaters’ we believe, this means that if anyone not just trinity students would like to get in contact for a small deposit we can sort them out a place on the coach hopefully. This will include school kids i believe with consent from parents of course.

With the occupation here growing in its recognition both internally and externally to the university grounds we are looking to increase our connections to other Anti cuts groups not only in Leeds or in the U.k but internationally.
We have numerous views and mentions from groups external to the U.K including an occupation in California which is great, our next thought is to try and contact these groups and begin networking Idea’s, events and sharing the skills and experience that we had prior and have gained since being in the occupation.
Whilst unintentionally, the occupation here and we are sure in many other areas is actually enabling us as students to become more equipped and better rounded people.
Social confidence has gone from strength to strength with the involvement in meetings, rally’s and contact with general public etc. Not only this but many of us within the occupation have gained media experience that rivals or exceeds that of most journalism students, with two guest pieces written by our members on the local guardian web page, interview experience and so forth.

While the obvious advantages of being in occupation are clear including forming friendships, team working, inter personal skills and simply knowing that you feel so passionately about something that when you look around you dont understand why there are those that simply dont care or refuse to take part in the fight against oppressive class ideology. There are also the skills as mentioned earlier that are invaluable to making us more confident, socially aware and could even affect employability (providing there are jobs for us when we leave the university, which is as yet still unclear as to if it will be sooner or later, or if it is even possible in this country.)

Many students are actually very strongly weighing up the decision to move abroad after their degree to either start a new life or even continue there education in a place that offers a fairer system and higher quality of education.

We hope to have our interview questions with Pudsey MP Stuart Andrews up before middle of this coming week, as you can imagine we want the full picture to be disclosed and not just paraphrased ramblings.

Solidarity and Good Health


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