Why we fight

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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People have been wondering what we are about and posting the demands should have given some insight into that but expanding never hurts and the more we say it, the easier it gets to say. We are opposing all cuts, we are doing this for several reasons, firstly to act with integrity, you cannot just demand your problems are fixed and walk away with a job well done and we believe all the cuts are wrong and should be opposed at every level.

If we were to just oppose the cuts to education, then where does that stop? If we just opposed university tuition fees, would they then continue to axe EMA unopposed? This would undoubtedly stop people coming to universities like Trinity, which would affect us anyway. So even though that seems like a massively self interested rant, from the self interested point of view, not opposing EMA would affect the quality of reference and follow up the university could provide and our reference would be a joke if Trinity is allowed to become one. The quality at Trinity is now well known but if the university college were to be sold, this would affect the level of quality of reference and if it is allowed to go out of business, then there would be nowhere to get a reference from at all.

The other cuts are so widespread they are going to affect everyone in society, as we have already discussed, mental health affects everyone either directly or indirectly and the NHS is being affected which automatically means mental health is hit hardest based on the evidence of history. The NHS being hit directly effects everybody in society, we are told it is one of the things that makes Britain great.

The VAT increase is going to affect everybody and while this is going to hit the poorest the most comparatively it will affect everybody including the job market, the post graduate market and everybody else who might like a job at some point or just to buy some bread for less than £1 a loaf. There is another issue beyond all of this, if people are spending the same amount and getting less, then there is going to be less money within the market. This is going to assist the second bank crash which is now practically inevitable.

Every single cut has some knock on effect that is going to decimate the people with the least moneys lifestyle the most. We cannot justly oppose a cut that is going to affect the next generation of student without considering the wider effect on society, since the point of university is to become active thinkers in wider society, we should really start paying attention now. If we are to become active members of society, then we must not only be aware of the issues of society but be aware of how to take part in the voice of society and there is a history of students leading any offensive on an oppressive government. The students standing against this government has paved the way for the unions to get back to their feet and start fighting on levels that have been previously ignored. Mostly however, considering all of that, we feel that if dodgy Dave wants a big society, we will give him one and get back every single right he has taken away from people and make a world where everyone has a right to a decent lifestyle.

When we are talking about what we should oppose, we have never once considered not opposing all the cuts, the alternatives are there to see and are so obvious to everyone hopefully but if they are not, come down and we will go through them. The cuts are a sick attack on society and they are clearly trying to make the poor pay for the richest mistakes and keep the rich getting richer, while the poor get poorer, which we oppose.
Come down and get involved. It is worth fighting and there is always plenty to do.


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